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4/18 - 20/08 Take Five- Buck Creacy, little by little things get done.

1. I drove to Erlanger, Ky and took part in the Northern Ky Storytelling Festival... Friday & Saturday doing double duty as an emcee and then a teller. What a great little festival and very well attended by the local community... looks like it will continue to grow.

2. Drove to Nashville on Saturday night to be on the XM Radio Channel 171, the next morning. The radio program went pretty good as near as I can tell... and when I got home I had lots more traffic to my website. Look for my website link on the XM radio Open Road site soon. Marcia Campbell is a terrific host.

3. Worked on my Tricks of the Trade Cards for the IRA Conference

4. Continued my second read of Robert McKee's book Story.

5. Sat quietly thinking... mental list... To do list.

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