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1. Worked on two new accounts for CD Production, starting the process with the customers.
2. Checked out all the new stuff on PS and joined a new group "one sentence stories" Maybe that will help me get my Susan B Anthony Dollar the next time the NSN has a Conference in the Lightning Short Story Competiton that Rivka Sponsors.
3. Reviewed my calendar for the next three weeks to ensure that I don't drop the ball anywhere.
4. Reviewed my stories for The Folk Project Concert, in New Jersey late October and played a few songs on my guitar that I might play in between stories.
5. Looked into using a new software program to handle my newsletter. This one allows people to subscribe and unsubscribe. It also allows me to see who is actually reading my newsletter. That is a biggie for me.

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Hope you are Okay in the messy world of Ice and snow and power outages. Been thinking of you. What a story it will make!




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