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Hi all! I run a digital storytelling program for at risk youth. Their personal stories (told through audio, photos and video) are used for their personal healing and empowerment, for training of social workers, and for discussions on policy change. Can anyone share ideas on what exercises, activities, games would help them read better when it's time to record their voice over? Their beautiful stories lose so much when they constantly stumble and read with no emotions!

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I see your post is older but I will reply anyway. I find that workshopping in groups playing games like 'Interrupter' and a lot of spontaneous, improvised storytelling exercises help to bring out confidence. I personally would refrain from writing the stories down at all but just let them happen! I would be very interested what worked for you!
regards Evita
This is such a difficult group for many reasons. Names are a real issue, because of the background of these folks. i have worked and told stories too and about these kido's for many rears. I do not write these stories for the same reason's. Many people have ask me to do this for years because of my vast history in Children's Homes and Boys Ranchs. The liability issues are so great these days. Although these are appanent issues, we should and must tell these stories. Watch and be vigilant, but do not hesitate to tell the story. I find that humor is a good tool. it makes social work real but palatable. Social Worker, for some unknown reason, seem to lack humor."Be happy!tell stories", should be our theme




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