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    1 member Latest Activity: Aug 8, 2014 What is Corporate Storytelling? How can a storyteller find the corporate story? More importantly how can corporations find the right storyteller…

  • Taiwan's Storytellers

    2 members Latest Activity: Mar 16, 2016 This group is dedicated to the storytellers in Taiwan. Use it for your own support, teaching, & growth. Please enjoy!

  • Talk Story TV

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 4, 2013

    Storytellers interested in presenting a 20-25 minute story/stories on an online TV show can ask questions here. To book an  interview go to:…

  • Our Joined Hands

    32 members Latest Activity: Feb 6, 2018

    We made the decision to be Artists, in spite of the many challenges, gladly.  We have lived, sacrificed in the name of art with few regrets.  But…

  • Idaho Storytellers

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 28, 2012

    For Idaho Storytellers, Helping to bring Storytelling to all of Idaho. 

  • Tennessee Storytellers

    9 members Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2014

    This group is for any storyteller associated with the great state of Tennessee.  In Honor and Respect for my friend, Doc McConnell.  At this time,…

  • A World of Storytelling Radio

    62 members Latest Activity: Dec 13, 2017

    Learn about how to get your stories heard on the radio in over 110 Countries and every major city and hamlet in the world.  This internet radio…

  • Spiritual Tales

    16 members Latest Activity: May 1

    Come, share and learn Spiritual Tales. They transcend the boundaries of many faith communities. Spiritual Tales touch the heart, mind and soul of…

  • PSning Challenge

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 4, 2013 Here's a weekly challege for those who dare. Each week we will put up a new person or thing connected to folklore/story. Lets see how many facts we…

  • Ghost Storytellers

    47 members Latest Activity: Jun 25, 2014 This is the place for Ghost Storytellers to try out their new ghost stories, to cross reference ghost stories, to look for ghost stories, and to do…

  • Alliance før lekande berettande

    5 members Latest Activity: May 1, 2015 Alliance for people in Scandinavia (Sweden,Norway, Denmark Finland) working with Storytelling as a Healing Art.

  • Contographie de la Suisse

    5 members Latest Activity: Aug 18, 2011 Interactive site, invented and life stories in Switzerland. Welcome! Everyone can add stories, events and publications.

  • Storygardenz

    10 members Latest Activity: May 13, 2013 Connecting storytellers with a geographic map of special places with a special story and a living voice also to promote storytelling as cultural…

  • Storytellers In Australia

    16 members Latest Activity: Oct 27, 2018 A place for Australian Storytellers to network and find each other from across the wide corners of this sprawling land and for visitors to link up…

  • Using Stories in Business

    34 members Latest Activity: Jan 22, 2015 A discussion group for those who use (or want to use) stories in primarily business environments. Questions, tips, advise, methods, etc. are welcome.…

  • Storytelling in Middle and Eastern Europe

    30 members Latest Activity: Jun 30, 2013 Inspired by the FEST conference, imagined by storytellers in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, we proudly present you a group about…

  • East Tennessee State University Storytelling Program

    27 members Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2014 We are folks who have a shared interest in the Storytelling Program at ETSU

  • Animal Stories

    34 members Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2014 Do animals figure prominently in your stories? Talking, teaching, magical, provocative, long-suffering, animals have been part of story since story…

  • Jewish Storytelling

    29 members Latest Activity: May 15, 2018 Shalom! This is a group for exploring traditions and frontiers of Jewish storytelling, and sharing favorite tales.

  • World Storytelling Day

    90 members Latest Activity: Nov 17, 2016 World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. It is celebrated every year on the spring equinox.



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