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I made this mask many many years ago in Japan. Fascinated to capture the image of the deity of the sky. But later there emerged ideas to use it for the spirit of 7 seas.

It's light like feather. Made out of rice paper and rice glue.

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Comment by Kuniko Yamamoto on March 29, 2010 at 10:56pm
Sorry for such a delay to respond! it's hard to explain how I made this mask. Let me try.
- First you need your face casted by plaster. It's a time-consuming process. There are some ways to do it. What I do is casting my face with plaster sheet to make a negative of my face and pour plaster into it to make a positive of my face. I'm not sure if any word of it made sense to you but I will continue...
- On top of the plaster face of you make a shape you wish with water/oil clay, which is this neural Buddha like face in this picture.
- Soak pieces of rice paper in water for 10 minutes and add glue in. Then cover the mold of the face.
- Wait for the paper to dry.
- Layer 5 of them.
- Done!

Hope I explain OK. Please let me know if you are making one and need more info.
Have a good one!
Comment by Cathy E. Johnson on September 30, 2009 at 1:26pm
Would you share how to make a mask:



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