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New Book: "Measures of Story: How to Create a Story from Floats and Anecdotes."


My next book is now available. I am very excited. We are happy to tell you that we have released our newest book. "Measures of Story: How to Create a Story from Floats and Anecdotes" is now available on Ebook or Kindle! This book is aimed at the non-storytell er, something to appeal to those who are just…


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New Self-Directed Video Training For Storytellers


"1 Day + 7 Tips= 1 Growing Business"


Over at, we have started a new series of complimentary monthly training sessions (audio and/or video) for our  Premium Page members of the directory.

As well, each self-directed session is…


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Learn the Art of Marketing in Our Next July Telecourse.

So, you "jumped and the net did (not) appear?"

You "followed your passion" and get hopelessly lost and broke?

You "did what you want and the money did (not) follow?"

To succeed as an artist, passion is not enough. And blind faith

is bankrupt. It's not enough to "love" storytelling.

Let me coach and teach you how to master your marketing as an artist.

Our next artist's…


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Marketing 4 Week Telecourse Begins Next Week (5/20)

More audiences. Better audiences. More bookings.

As some of you have asked,

we have created the next Artist Marketing Telecourse.

Details are at:

Space is limited- and I never know how fast things fill or don't.

Come look today if you are interested:…


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California Storytellers: Gigs or Booking Fairy?

Hello California Storytellers!

Do you need the secrets to more work as an artist?

If you already have more bookings than you can handle, stop reading now and accept my congratulations. That's not sarcasm: I know that a small sliver of storytellers do just fine.

If you *do* need more bookings, more gigs, more work- then let me ask you:

What will you be doing on May 16?

If you attended my marketing workshop in Vista (San Diego) on May 15-



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Would You Do My Quick Survey About Marketing Workshop?

Hello all,

Just two quick things to ask:

1. I've posted a new video about the upcoming marketing workshops in Arizona and California. I've already had one artist say that just this video has helped them think more about their own work. Come take a look at It's in the big blue box right there at the start of the page.

2. We are looking at the future of these…


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Marketing Workshop In Vista (San Diego) California! Just added!

More bookings?

Hey southern California, I am coming your way.

Thanks to some great legwork/communications from California-based storyteller James Nelson-Lucas, we're able to bring the one-day "Outside In" marketing workshop to California on Saturday May 15, 2010. Wow!

More coming soon. For now, you can get details and registration information at and click on the…


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Build Your Success with a One-Day Marketing Intensive, Phoenix Arizona.

Mini Marketing Camp Presented by and hosted by South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute

Welcome. Registration for the April 24, 2010 event is now open.

Please watch this video to learn more.…


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Free Telecourse (09/03): So, You Wanna Be a Pro Storyteller?

So, you think you have what it takes to be a professional storyteller?

Come participate in this free telecourse:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

12 Survive and Thrive Tips for the Working Performing Artist

Why not register now?

No matter your art form (storyteller, juggler, actor, puppeteer,…

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Another Free Telecourse: Your Most Burning Marketing Questions Answered.

Another free marketing workshop right on your telephone! Get answers to your burning questions about marketing your work as a performing artist! You’ll get to pick the brain of a national marketing leader who is also a full-time artist. What do you need to know? Let us help you build your art form!

Friday, August 14, 2009

4PM Pacific (U.S.) / 7PM Eastern (U.S.)

Be sure to double check where YOUR time zone falls between those two! If you are unsure,…

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Corporate Storytelling Techniques: Five Ways to Convey Your Passion

Stories are being told about your company all the time. Unless you have never had a customer, someone somewhere is talking about your company. When they do so, they are speaking with passion either for or against your business. You need to have your passionate stories ready to add to that conversation. To create raving fans in your business, you need to be a raving business.

When a customer experiences your company, they leave with an impression. If they were offended, hurt or…

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Interview on Blog Talk Radio: Entrepreneur People

I was interviewed by Sherry over at Blog Talk Radio for her program titled "Entrepreneur People." Come take a listen if you like. It always fun to be interviewed by someone who is both prepared and actually interested in the subject being discussed. We talked about storytelling, stories for business and storytelling changing the world.…


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Storytelling in Business Podcast: The Elevator Speech is Dead

Episode Five: "The Elevator Speech is Dead"

Sean Buvala talks this week about the archaic concept of the elevator speech. The elevator speech: when you learn a singular "speech" to talk about your business with new clients and customers. Rather, Sean talks about learning the power of your story to be used in different time frames. Sean also tells you the obscure Grimm tale of "Not Much." You’ll also hear from a listener who called…

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"Marketing Storytelling Fools: 3 More Tricks We Play on Ourselves When We Don't Ask--Part 2"--posted by Rachel Hedman

Note: Part 1 focused on questions to ask the sponsor. Part 2 are internal questions for the storyteller. You may ask, "Why is not Part 2 then Part 1?" I believe most storytellers either want to ignore or to forget these internal questions because they are hard to answer. Some storytellers who have told for two or more decades still… Continue

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Free Workshop to Help You Grow Your Business Offered In Arizona on March 27, 2009.

Press Release

"Improving public speaking and business communication skills are the goals of a free Goodyear, Arizona workshop."

Avondale, AZ- Business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to communicate more effectively with customers and clients are invited to attend a free, 90 minute "Introduction to Business Storytelling" workshop on Friday, March 27, 2009 at 930AM. The workshop will be located at the Ground Control Coffee Lounge at 14140 W Indian School Road in Goodyear.… Continue

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Video: Gestures for Storytelling and Public Speaking

Here's a brand new, eight-minute video on using gestures in storytelling and public speaking skills. We are thinking about making a series of storytelling techniques videos. Storytelling for teens? Storytelling for business? This is a prototype we assembled here in the office. (I said "we" like I have a monkey in shirt pocket.) YouTube of course botches the quality of these things but you can see a High-Quality version at YouTube or I can… Continue

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"Storytelling in Business" Podcast Episode 4 Now Posted!

The next episode of our "Storytelling and Narrative for Business Podcast" is ready for you!

Episode Four: "Storytelling is Not a 'Soft Skill': Sure Looked Easy"

Sean brings you some tough-love this week to help you understand that storytelling is a "hard skill" for your business. Fail that understanding and things can go bad. Get real coaching and training to sharpen your skills.

Listen in:…

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Storytelling in Business Podcast #3: "Just Enough"

Our next edition of the “Storytelling and Narrative for Business Podcast” is now available. This time around, we respond to a listener's email asking about the use of jokes, anecdotes and stories. Sean discusses the differences between each of these items as well as tells you the story of "Just Enough." Sponsored by and presented by

Please send your questions and comments to and be sure to put…

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Business Storytelling Podcast #2: What Did the Plumber Know?

You are invited to listen my latest podcast:

Episode Two: "What Did the Plumber Know?"

How can you use even an old, familiar story in your business presentations?

Listen in Here:

Sean presents the "Storytelling and Narrative for…

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New Corporate Storytelling Podcast: Session One: The Guy in the Bathroom.

I've launched a new podcast series for those using storytelling in corporate, business and non-profit settings.

Shorter than the other podcast, these last only 8-10 minutes with one story and one point per podcast.

Come listen if you'd like.

Episode One: The Guy in the Bathroom.

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