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Interviewed On the Radio and Web Sunday Night 4/25

Hey all,

I am being interviewed on the radio tonight in Kentucky.

(U.S. Sunday 4/25)

9PM Eastern. Talking about storytelling &

One hour show. Host has already told me he wants

at least one story from me :-). I can do that.

You can also listen in on the web from anywhere.

(6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern)


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On the Radio in Atlanta/Gainesville Georgia!

Hey all,

I will be inteviewed on a radio station in

Northern Georgia/Atlanta Georgia (U.S.) on

Friday, April 23. We're

set to start sometime between

5 and 515PM (Eastern) for the afternoon show.

You can listen in live on the

web at

from where ever you are in the world,

just adjust for your time zone.

Most of these hosts talk about parenting first

then lead into… Continue

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California Storytellers: Gigs or Booking Fairy?

Hello California Storytellers!

Do you need the secrets to more work as an artist?

If you already have more bookings than you can handle, stop reading now and accept my congratulations. That's not sarcasm: I know that a small sliver of storytellers do just fine.

If you *do* need more bookings, more gigs, more work- then let me ask you:

What will you be doing on May 16?

If you attended my marketing workshop in Vista (San Diego) on May 15-



Added by Sean Buvala on April 19, 2010 at 2:41pm — 3 Comments

On the Radio Monday in North Carolina!

Hey all-

I have another live radio appearance on Monday!

815AM Eastern on Monday, April 12.
107FM WTKF in North Carolina.
You can listen on the Internet
at , too.

I'll be talking about storytelling and the
DaddyTeller book. I think we're scheduled for 15 minutes.

Listen in if you'd like.


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Would You Do My Quick Survey About Marketing Workshop?

Hello all,

Just two quick things to ask:

1. I've posted a new video about the upcoming marketing workshops in Arizona and California. I've already had one artist say that just this video has helped them think more about their own work. Come take a look at It's in the big blue box right there at the start of the page.

2. We are looking at the future of these…


Added by Sean Buvala on March 20, 2010 at 5:29pm — 2 Comments

Marketing Workshop In Vista (San Diego) California! Just added!

More bookings?

Hey southern California, I am coming your way.

Thanks to some great legwork/communications from California-based storyteller James Nelson-Lucas, we're able to bring the one-day "Outside In" marketing workshop to California on Saturday May 15, 2010. Wow!

More coming soon. For now, you can get details and registration information at and click on the…


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Review: Storytelling House Concert in Phoenix

Storytelling events come in all shapes and sizes. This was a bit more home party.

We had a great time Saturday night at a storytelling house-concert held at the home of Dwight and Sandy Oglesby in Paradise Valley, Arizona, a northern suburb of Phoenix. (In the picture- Sandy is on the right standing next to Liz Warren.)

Sandy had announced the…


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Build Your Success with a One-Day Marketing Intensive, Phoenix Arizona.

Mini Marketing Camp Presented by and hosted by South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute

Welcome. Registration for the April 24, 2010 event is now open.

Please watch this video to learn more.…


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On the Radio in New York 3/8

Hey all,

I am doing a live radio interview
talking about storytelling
and the DaddyTeller book
on Monday, March 8
at 7:05 in the morning.

You can listen live
"serving all of Orange County and
Northern New Jersey" on the
station at 1110(am).

They also stream live, so
you can hear it at , too.

Tune in if you'd like.

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On the Radio in Iowa 2/3/2010

Hey all,

Did a couple of radio interviews today that were recorded for playback later, talking about storytelling and my DaddyTeller™ book.

One was in Vermont and will be posted ??? someday.

I'll let you know when

they do that one.

The other one plays Wednesday (2/3) morning


KVFD 1400 AM

Fort Dodge, Iowa

7:35 AM Local Time

Listen In, if you are near to…

Added by Sean Buvala on February 2, 2010 at 8:52pm — 2 Comments

More Radio Shows: Florida and Texas

Hey all-

A couple of more radio shows on Wednesday the 27th, talking about storytelling, parenting, family and the DaddyTeller book.

Wednesday morning

at 9:05AM Eastern Time

Ocala, Florida

WOCA 1370 AM

More Info:

Wednesday Evening

at 530PM Texas (Central) Time

Brownwood, Texas

KXYL 96.9 FM…


Added by Sean Buvala on January 26, 2010 at 7:01pm — No Comments

Another Radio Interview: East Coast 1/25

Hey folks,

Doing another live radio interview, this time in the afternoon.

615PM East Coast Time


Monday January 25, 2010

Bridgeport CT

Listen in on the Internet at

More about the power of family storytelling a

and connections with the DaddyTeller Book project.

Listen if you'd like.…

Added by Sean Buvala on January 25, 2010 at 2:26pm — No Comments

Storytelling Interview at "The Powerful Patient" on BlogTalk Radio

Hey all,

Here's another interview I did over at BlogTalk radio on the "Powerful Patient" show. She has a reach of about 20,000 listeners, so it's a lot of people to which to speak of storytelling.

About 45 minutes on "communicating with your children" with emphasis on how storytelling is part of that in general and some about my DaddyTeller specifically.…


Added by Sean Buvala on January 16, 2010 at 3:08pm — No Comments

More live Radio for Storytelling: Live or on the 'net

Hi folks,

I'll be on the radio again in Ottumwa, Iowa at 845am and 545pm on Thursday, Jan 14. Those times are local to

Iowa, but translate to 945am and 645pm for Eastern Time, U.S.

You can listen in


I'll be on in the US Virgin Islands on Friday, but don't have the listen details yet.


Added by Sean Buvala on January 13, 2010 at 10:12pm — No Comments

Audio from Radio Interview: Storytelling for Our Children

Come listen in to a radio interview with the director Sean Buvala as he talks about the role of the "dad influence" and the power of storytelling.

Interviewed by Phil Main of in Ontario, Canada. Sean and Phil talk about storytelling in our families, talking to teenagers, the power of speaking a story as well as more…

Added by Sean Buvala on January 12, 2010 at 12:05pm — No Comments

New DaddyTeller™ Training Video: Get Close to Your Kids

Just added another free training video to my list here at Ning. You can see it here. Bedtime Stories are a powerful way for Dads (Moms, too) to connect with their kids. Don't be afraid to sit close, put down the storybooks and tell a story to your kid. Yes, Dad, you can do this. You will grow closer to your… Continue

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Press Release: "Frog Kisser" New CD Features Seven Storytellers from

Press Release

For Immediate Release

(Use Date November 22 – December 31, 2009)

Synopsis: releases a new storytelling CD titled "Frog Kisser" with stories including "The Frog Princess" and seven other tales of enchantments. Especially for adults and teens, the CD is available now from

Avondale, AZ- announces the release of their latest storytelling audio… Continue

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Two new videos here on Ning.

Just posted two new videos for you. You can see them on this page:

Added by Sean Buvala on November 1, 2009 at 8:47pm — No Comments

Your Storytelling Marketing: Oyster and Egg

If you are going to succeed in marketing, then you need to know the difference between oysters and eggs.

Do you know this Aesop fable?

"Once a dog was walking along a beach, daydreaming of eggs, his favorite food. As he walked along, he caught site of a small oyster and assumed that this round item, too, was an egg. He gobbled it up. Later that night, as he was troubled by stomach pain, he thought, "I deserve this pain for thinking that every round thing is an… Continue

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DaddyTeller™: Be a Hero to Your Kids and Teach Them What's Really Important by Telling Them One Simple Story at a Time.

The Ebook will be available on 10/7/2009! Sign up now for our updates on the

DaddyTeller™ site to get your discount code for the launch day!


To all Dads,

You are about to become a hero.

It’s time for you to… Continue

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