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Stories I told my students…

I love telling children stories. This is the beginning of my series on how traditional children’s folktale stories travel around the world--taking on the flavor of the country they are told within. This story is a version of the Aesop fable The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. As stories travel they change but still have similar elements. My favorite version of this fable is told in Japan. It is the same story-- but not.


I adapted this from a story entitled The Two…


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Ugly Duckling Podcast

It’s been the subject of songs and films — Disney adapted it for the screen twice. In our version, as a further reminder of how uncool it is to tease other people, or talking ducks, for being different, we refer to him as the Somewhat Less Than Attractive Duckling.

This story has much in common with The Knee-High Man, which is part of our current production. It…


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Eating Baba Yaga DVD...

Thank you to those of you who responded and read my last blog on my adventures with the Kickstarter fundraising tool.  That was a very exciting process which allowed me to finish creating and produce my Storytelling DVD entitled:


Eating Baba Yaga: An Evening with Brian Rohr



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Podcast - Folktale in honor of the Olympics

“The Frog and the Antelope” is a Native American story from the Kootenai (or Kootenay) tribe about a race between, appropriately enough, a frog and an antelope. It's one of many such race tales from many different races of human being, such as Aesop's “The Tortoise and the Hare”. In this case, however, the race is won by trickery rather than pluck and perseverance, so perhaps it doesn't illustrate very sportsmanlike conduct. On the other hand, the trickery is used to give a braggart his…


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Podcast Hans in Luck

Hans in Luck”, a German tale from the Brothers Grimm, is as loaded with irony as its title character is loaded with material possessions that people would normally consider a blessing, but in his case prove to be burdens. His situation reminds us of our own; having left the stationary lifestyle behind years ago, we ironically feel much richer for not having so much “stuff” to weigh us down.

We present the… Continue

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Multicolored Newsletter, Third Issue! Kalamona binds the winds...

The third issue of the Multicolored Newsletter is finally ready! News from the world of Hungarian storytelling, a band new folktale just for you in English with lots of background information, books to read... just for fun. Read and enjoy! ;)

Just click:


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Coyote Steals Fire - Podcast

The Coyote is a prominent recurring anthropomorphic character in the folklore of many Native American tribes, particularly in the Southwest. He is generally portrayed as a trickster, a semicomic hero who gets the better of some of the other critters. (He didn't get his comeuppance until the Twentieth Century, thanks to the Roadrunner.) Our current stage production, “…


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The Mousedeer and the Dog - chapter 3

After the dog managed to get out of the river and dry himself, he continued running after the Mousedeer, and again the Mousedeer was easily found by the sharpness of the dog's nose.

The Mousedeer was tired running around the jungle that he forced himself to think up an idea to stop the dog forever. When he was hiding behind the bushes, he was startled to find a sleeping snake just right behind him. But then, it gave him another idea to escape from the dog.

He quickly got… Continue

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The Mousedeer and the Dog - chapter 2

Even though the mousedeer was able to run away from the farmer, but he was not able to escape from the dog for the dog had an excellent smelling sense. No matter where he went or where he hid himself, the dog would surely find him. So having no where else to run, the mousedeer had to find a way to make the dog stop chasing him everywhere.

Near by, he saw a bee hive hanging high on the branch of an oak tree. Seeing the hive gave him an idea of how to escape from the dog. He cam closer… Continue

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The Legend of Toba Lake - A Legend from Kalimantan (Borneo)

There was a poor fisherman lived nearby the river in North Kalimantan. He went fishing early every morning and always returned to his home at night time. One day, he set up his net and caught a big golden fish. He fell in love with the beauty of the fish that he decided not to kill the fish, and made it as a pet instead. So, he took the fish home, cleaned a fish tank and put it in his humble kitchen.

Starting that day, things changed slowly. Every morning the fisherman went out for… Continue

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Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih - Indonesian Folktale

This is a very famous folktale from Indonesia. "Bawang Merah" in English is "Red Onion", and "Bawang Putih" is "white onion". Both are the names of the characters in this story.

Bawang Putih was a name of a little girl who lived in a small village with her father. Her mother passed away when she was still a little baby, so to make Bawang Putih happy and not feeling lonely, her father decided to marry a woman. Bawang Putih's stepmother had a daughter who became Bawang Putih's… Continue

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The Cat and the Owl - My Favourite Fable!

When God created the world, He created all the living being carefully and full of love. He gave all the animals the most perfect eyes for each of them. He gave the big round beautiful eyes to the deers, He gave the small eyes to the big body elephants, He gave a pair of eyes that could see faraway for the eagles, and so on. All the animals had got their eyes for sure, but only the cat and the owl who had not got their eyes yet.

By that time, God had only two pairs of eyes left. The… Continue

Added by Maria Sui on January 30, 2009 at 1:35am — 2 Comments

Awang Gelimang - A story from Africa

Just want to share stories that I know... Please comment.

Awang Gelimang

Long time ago in Africa, there was no rain for one whole year. All the animals were afraid since the plants were starting to die. The king of the jungle, the Great Lion hold a meeting to find out who or what could save the land. Only the Wise Owl knew the answer. In order to get the rain, the animals had to grow the name of a magic tree and only the Spirit of the Mountain knew what the… Continue

Added by Maria Sui on January 29, 2009 at 12:30am — 3 Comments

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