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Deconstructing the story: different techniques for connecting with your story.

I attended on Saturday at workshop at the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. The workshop was called "Connecting with stories". It was an interesting workshop conducted with Sarah Perceval. Throughout the workshop we were presented with different ways of connecting with the story which we had chosen to tell.

I have often been puzzled by the constant tugg of war between learning by heart every minte detail of the story or the opposite approach, which is to determine the basics of the… Continue

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The legend of the Agave or... the love of Ehecatl and Mayaguel

I have just finished researching matierial to adapt an ancient Aztec story about the god of the wind Ehecatl, (one of the transformations of Quetzalcoatl) and his love for Mayaguel. out of their love, the agave, or maguey was born.... and out of the agave... some of the most famous drinks of Mexico. It is a lovely tragic story with love, envy and the help of the god of the rain, Tlaloc. read all about it in the Stories of the Americas… Continue

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Use of Storyboards

I have have just uploaded a video on our use of storyboards at Digistory. We have tried different ways of getting children from 5-12 to sequence elements within their stories. We have found that storyboards work better than blank sheets of paper. We have also experimenting with groups developing a joint map... the advantages of individual work within a storyboard and group work within the development of a map, or though collective story developing are different. I shall be exploring these… Continue

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The mate tea

I love mate tea. I first started drinking it when I was in Argentina. It was prepared by some fiends of mine from Bahia Blanca and I soon became addicted. I was delighted when I found a story about the mate tree. This story comes from the Guarani Indians. I have just translated it and can be found in Stories from the Americas . It is a magical story about a child, the rainforest and the search for the moon. Please share it with others!

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The legend of the Vanilla

I have been researching a number of stories concerning the legend of the Vanilla, as told by the Totonac people. I settled finally on a story that marries both botanical facts with magic and a wonderful love story. If you are interested in finding out about the problems in pollinating vanilla plants by the early Spanish conquistadores go to Digistory. If, however, you want to read the full legend of the vanilla, go to… Continue

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Holocaust Memorial Day

Updated by Digistory blog with some of my comments and problems on trying to mark this day with a story and an activity suitable for 5-12 year olds.

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The legend of the Potatoe

Finished translating and adapting into English the legend of the potatoe. This is an ancient story from the Aymaras, an indian people from Peru. The story retells, how the potatoe became a gift from the gods to the Sapalla people, who have been enslaved by the Caris. There is plenty of difficult names, Gods, the eruption of a volcanoe, and some mischief as well.

I researched the story in a number of Spanish-speaking websites and enlarged and adapted it for storytelling. I hope to be… Continue

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Burns Night

I will be celebrating the anniversary of Robbie Burn's birthday on a slightly different mode next week at the DigiStory telling club. We will indeed be doing poems by Robbie Burns, but I will introduce a story about the potatoe, coming from Peru, to be included as one of the traditional food staples of Scotland, and of course, served as tatties, with neeps and haggis. Have a look at the Digistory for more on Robert Burns and the… Continue

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Organising structures

I am constantly exploring which is the best way to help children organise their thoughts when it comes to the stories they make. I have previously used storyboards as a standard way of helping children slot in their ideas and their drawings within an organising structure for their stories. However some days ago, a colleague suggested using maps from recognised fictional characters, as a way to get children within a pre-organised structure. Children could chose, the map, and invent around the… Continue

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New story on Aztec god Tezcatlipoca

I have recently updated the Digistory blog with a story on the Aztec God Tezcatlipoca. I am constantly on the trawl for these stories as they are difficult to find in English. I found these and other stories written by Lorna Dills . Her website is really interesting particularly as she suggests lesson plans for primary scholl children researching the… Continue

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The myth of Chocolate

Ancient mythology fascinates me. I have just finished translating a story from Toltec mythology about the way by which ancient Mexicans developed chocolatl, or chocolate in Nahuatl. The story speaks about how the god of the Morning Star, Quetzalcoatl, stole the cacao plant from the gods, to give it to the Toltecs, so that mere humans could also enjoy the drink reserved to the gods....

Have a look at the story in the DigiStory… Continue

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