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The Three Trees - A Inspirational Christian Story

Long ago in the forest, lived three tall tress, the biggest among all trees in the forest. One fine day, the three were having a chat, talking about their dream of the future.

The first tree said, "I want to grow taller and stronger, and I want a man to chop me down and make a beautiful bed of my trunk, so a great king can sleep on me."

The second tree said, "I want to grow taller and stronger, because I want a man to chop me down and make a big yacht of my trunk, so a… Continue

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The Boy and the Apple Tree - A Touching Story

A long time ago, there was a huge tree.

It loved a little boy very much, the boy loved to come and play around it every day.

The little boy liked to swing with its branches,

Ate the apples,

Take a nap under the shadow,

He loved the tree, and the tree was so happy.

Time went by…

One day, the boy came back to the tree.

The tree said, “Come and play with me.”

“I am no longer a kid. I don’t play… Continue

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The Crab and the Crane

Back when the world was young, and the animals could speak to each other, lived a crab and his friends, the fish in a peaceful pond behind the mountain. They lived happily, playing together and taking care of each other. However, it was unfortunate for them, a long dry season happened that year, and the water in their pond was getting less and less. The fish were getting worried for they knew very well that they would die without water, unlike their firend, the crab, who could still survive… Continue

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The Turtle who Wanted to Fly

Everyone knows that a turtle cannot fly, however there was this little turtle who had a dream, and only one dream in his whole life that he was able to fly high in the sky. The little turtle never stopped trying, as every morning he would climb a tree and tried to jump from the branches and flapped his hands. But as we all can guess, he was always falling down right to the ground.

Poor little turtle... but though it was quite hurt, he never gave up. One day, he realized that his… Continue

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The Mousedeer and the Dog - chapter 3

After the dog managed to get out of the river and dry himself, he continued running after the Mousedeer, and again the Mousedeer was easily found by the sharpness of the dog's nose.

The Mousedeer was tired running around the jungle that he forced himself to think up an idea to stop the dog forever. When he was hiding behind the bushes, he was startled to find a sleeping snake just right behind him. But then, it gave him another idea to escape from the dog.

He quickly got… Continue

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The Mousedeer and the Dog - chapter 2

Even though the mousedeer was able to run away from the farmer, but he was not able to escape from the dog for the dog had an excellent smelling sense. No matter where he went or where he hid himself, the dog would surely find him. So having no where else to run, the mousedeer had to find a way to make the dog stop chasing him everywhere.

Near by, he saw a bee hive hanging high on the branch of an oak tree. Seeing the hive gave him an idea of how to escape from the dog. He cam closer… Continue

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The Mousedeer and the Dog - Mousedeer

The farmer was happy to take the mousedeer home with him. It was not easy to catch the clever mousedeer, and since this time, he was able to do so, he surely would call a party, and asked his wife to cook the mousedeer and prepared it as a main dish.

The mousedeer knew that he would end up as a dish in the farmer's house, so he kept on thinking how to escape from the farmer's house. When the farmer was near to his house, the farmer's pet, the dog, who had been loyal to the farmer,… Continue

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The Mousedeer Stole the Cucumbers - Indonesian Famous Fable

The mousedeer is a famous character in Indonesian fables. It has so many series of the adventures of the mousedeer. Nowadays, the mousedeer is one of the endangered animals in Indonesia. It is called a mousedeer, because it looks like a deer, but it is the same size as a dog.

So this is the story...

Long ago in Java island, lived a famous animal, the mousedeer. The mousedeer was famous of his cleverness, that he could… Continue

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The Legend of Roro Jonggrang - Candi Mendut, Center JAva, Indonesia

If you visit Indonesia, remember to visit Candi Prambanan. There's a wonderful story behind it. There are several candi (temples) standing there. One of those has a statue of a standing woman. Villagers said that it was the statue of a princess long time ago named Roro Jonggrang.

Roro Jonggrang was a very beautiful princess from a Javanese kingdom, Prambanan Kingdom hundred years ago. Her famous beauty was known throughout the… Continue

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The Legend of Toba Lake - A Legend from Kalimantan (Borneo)

There was a poor fisherman lived nearby the river in North Kalimantan. He went fishing early every morning and always returned to his home at night time. One day, he set up his net and caught a big golden fish. He fell in love with the beauty of the fish that he decided not to kill the fish, and made it as a pet instead. So, he took the fish home, cleaned a fish tank and put it in his humble kitchen.

Starting that day, things changed slowly. Every morning the fisherman went out for… Continue

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Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih - Indonesian Folktale

This is a very famous folktale from Indonesia. "Bawang Merah" in English is "Red Onion", and "Bawang Putih" is "white onion". Both are the names of the characters in this story.

Bawang Putih was a name of a little girl who lived in a small village with her father. Her mother passed away when she was still a little baby, so to make Bawang Putih happy and not feeling lonely, her father decided to marry a woman. Bawang Putih's stepmother had a daughter who became Bawang Putih's… Continue

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The Cat and the Owl - My Favourite Fable!

When God created the world, He created all the living being carefully and full of love. He gave all the animals the most perfect eyes for each of them. He gave the big round beautiful eyes to the deers, He gave the small eyes to the big body elephants, He gave a pair of eyes that could see faraway for the eagles, and so on. All the animals had got their eyes for sure, but only the cat and the owl who had not got their eyes yet.

By that time, God had only two pairs of eyes left. The… Continue

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The Hen and the Eagle

ONCE the Hen was engaged to the Eagle. As a sign of their engagement, the Eagle presented a golden ring to the Hen as a gift.

"Take good care of this ring with your life, my Love," told the Eagle to the Hen, 'for I gave you this ring with all my heart and soul, so you need to guard it with your soul and heart too!"

"Sure, my dear," answered the Hen, "I will definitely guard this ring with my life," as the Hen promised.

The Hen was very happy about this, however,… Continue

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Henny Penny - Origin of Chicken Little

ONE day Henny-penny was sleeping under an acorn tree in the cornyard when--whack!--something hit her upon the head. 'Goodness gracious me!' said Henny-penny; 'the sky's a-going to fall; I must go and tell the king.'

So she went along and she went along and she went along till she met Ducky-lucky. 'Where are you going, Hennypenny?' says Ducky-lucky. 'Oh! I'm going to tell the king the sky's a-falling,' says Henny-penny. 'May I come with you?' says Ducky-lucky. 'Certainly,' says… Continue

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Awang Gelimang - A story from Africa

Just want to share stories that I know... Please comment.

Awang Gelimang

Long time ago in Africa, there was no rain for one whole year. All the animals were afraid since the plants were starting to die. The king of the jungle, the Great Lion hold a meeting to find out who or what could save the land. Only the Wise Owl knew the answer. In order to get the rain, the animals had to grow the name of a magic tree and only the Spirit of the Mountain knew what the… Continue

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