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Telling and Teaching; a Day at Boston Storytelling Festival


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A Storytelling Funnel

     This image of a funnel the kind you might have in the kitchen at canning time, or in the garage with a can of lawn mower gas. It is open and wide on one end for receiving, focused and narrow on the other end to push  through the contents.

     I am a funnel for storytelling news and all of us in the business should be. To grow storytelling we need to focus our…


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As Ships At Sea

As Ships At Sea

Raising children is a precarious business. I have found great challenges in the everyday and amazement in their far reaching capacity. Always teetering the scales of life, whirlwinds come to batter and we attempt to keep the scale balanced by adding to the other side. Education, arts, athletics, family, travel, on we heap the good seeking balance and elusive peace.

I have been thinking of the peace and balance and my thoughts crossed over to my recent reading of… Continue

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Storytelling is Like Play-Doh

Blog for June 25, 2009

Carolyn Stearns Storyteller

Storytelling Is Like Play-Doh

I have made my weekly trip to the library and carted home another bag of storybooks. Always in search of new material or different views of presenting old classics I pour through the children’s section savoring memories and new treasures. Twice a year our library holds a benefit book sale and towns people donate books from their collections and a garage fills. Come the appointed weekends it… Continue

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Sky Racers

Sky Racers 5/9/09 Carolyn Stearns

I went out walking tonight as one storm was chased from the sky on the steeds of another. I paused at the gate to the meadow and watched. There across the western horizon monstrous black clouds mounted and with their golden rims sparkling, went skittering northeast as if in the great derby itself. The rest of the sky presented a fanfare to the riderless clouds and mounted great banners across the deepening blue. These Cirrus clouds waved uneven yet… Continue

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Instant Summer

Instant Summer

There I was today freezing in the barn. It was 50 degrees but the wind was whipping itself around and in the north door and I was tired and grumpy and cold. Cold that is the word and as I watched the very bubbly and optimistic weather forecast I was amazed, it will happen again. Instant Summer! Yes it is coming our way this weekend, cautiously optimistic the weatherman said we may see 90 degrees or more. Why, it really isn’t that great to break another weather record.… Continue

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Angels Watching Over Me


Sleep is over rated. I have now found that you can just skip over it for quite a period of time and it amazes me what can be accomplished in a stupor. On the other hand there is true quality in a real nap. Not a stolen five seconds, but being totally zonked for a couple hours. It is as refreshing as cool water in summer. Why would I experiment with sleepless nights?

I have given over my nights to an angel. You see all winter through the rain and… Continue

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A Mid Winter Rambling

A Mid Winter Rambling; Carolyn Stearns Storyteller

Ice, it was the main event here on Storybook Farm through much of January and into February and then it finally melted. So now it is not underfoot but only in the buckets and water barrels the animals drink from. I carry a splitting maul on my morning rounds using its heavy sharp edge to crack through and break the ice. Often and usually on the coldest days the water splashes back at me taking a direct hit on my face! I hate that,… Continue

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Lesson in Compassion

Lesson in Compassion

Our lessons often come to us in unexpected fashion all we have to do is pay attention and be open to the message offered. So it was on the day Jack died. Jack was 12 years old and had lived a fine life always at the side of his twin Jasmine. Inseparable hardly explains their relationship. They lived with and for each other. What may seem a short life span actually was one of many accomplishments and his good natured disposition made him a favorite with all. Jack… Continue

Added by Carolyn Stearns on December 18, 2008 at 10:59am — 1 Comment

Trip to North Carolina

Hello storytellers, I am planning a trip to North Carolina and while there hope to have some bookings for storytelling and to meet some other storytellers. Anyone for a coffee some day between Oct 8,9,10 &11? We could book the little room in Caribou Coffee or sit by their fireplace and swap a few stories and visit.

I have been working on bookings and have sent mailings and now am working on follow up calls. I love historical stories best but tell all kinds, animal stories would be my… Continue

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Come Join Me!

Anyone interested in a new group I have started to discuss works involving the civil war or characters from that time period. Anything in that time period is up for open discussion. I do a first person account as does Bill who inspired this new group. I also do other stories from that time period. Sometimes in costume sometimes not. Hoop skirts are lots of fun to make you feel you are in that period, just dont try to drive a Jeep in one! That is from a funny personal story I tell about… Continue

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Ct. Storytelling Festival

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend. I just couldnt do just the festival but on Friday night started my weekend with a 15 minute show as part of the Tolland Senior Center Variety Show ( Ct. ). I was so impressed they had a large audience and using the new Tolland high school ,the stage, lights and sound system were all brand new and state of the art. What a treat! For my part I went on and was calm and focused and delivered my best performance to date! I did 3 stories in the 15 minutes I was hired… Continue

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A story about my son

The wind curled down over the drumlin at Horsebarn Hill road and whipped around the corner of the big red arena with force. There with mane flying on the wind was a chestnut gelding and his trumpet call was carried on the wind across the valley filled with mares standing with butts braced to the windward. UC Daybreak is home again and everyone should know. Papa ( Ringmaster) up there in the barn should here my call.

Glorious in his moment he pranced in the driveway and paraded in the warm… Continue

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My Best Compliment...What was Yours?

I'm walkin on Sunshine as the song says and it all came from a compliment given to me today, actually two. It started like this. I was substitute teaching in our high school today. ( a school of 1300 situated on the campus of the Univesity of Connecticut and serving a 3 towns region, plus students sent in for the Agriculture Education program) I was assigned a social studies teachers coverage. I arrived for first period and scanned the notes left. A student teacher would teach first and third… Continue

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Storms A Brewin!

What better when a winter weather advisory has cancelled our evening plans and the morning has a flood watch than to catch up on some more storytelling news and friends. I was lost in Google looking for some add on facts for a story and decided to check in . More folks have joined today the growth is wonderful. I really enjoy reading everyones bios to see what backgrounds they bring to the stage. Now there are several New Englanders, who will all be pulling on boots soon. I wont worry about the… Continue

Added by Carolyn Stearns on February 12, 2008 at 4:26pm — 1 Comment

Tell Tale Jobs

Reading posts tonight got me thinking. It would not have taken a crystal ball to see my storytelling career even as a kid. I just started full time this year at age 50, but at age 16 I was a tour guide in the Nathan Hale Homestead . This historic museum in Coventry , Ct. was the family home of Revolutionary War spy and patriot Nathan Hale. It was often to a suprised tour group that I related my facts and the family events and history to.They were unaccustomed to getting a tour from one so… Continue

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