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The Scarlet 'C' — also know as My Finest Hour

MyLinda Butterworth will be presenting The Scarlet 'C' in coordination with Florida StoryCamps', Coming Home to Healing Pre-camp Concert. Elizabeth Ellis and Diane Rooks will be performing at 7 PM, followed by MyLinda at 8 PM. During this performance MyLinda will take you on her journey through cancer and show you how that Scarlet 'C' has changed her life forever. This performance fulfills the "My Finest Hour" requirements for a Masters Degree… Continue

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Help! I am stuck and need some song & story suggestions-posted by MyLinda Butterworth

The Scarlet 'C' is the working name of my presentation for my finest hour (advanced storytelling). My concept is to look at things that begin with the letter 'C' that will take me through my journey of cancer. Obviously my cancer story is at the core of my program, but cancer goes beyond finding out you have it and heading for the cure. It looks at caregiving, caring, comfort, companionship, comedy, community... that is the journey I am going to take you on. I really don't want… Continue

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Enjoy the Season! A Story Poem for the Season

I just posted a Christmas Card for all of you that I hope you will enjoy. You have all given me so much this year and I can only scratch the surface to pay you back. Sometimes I ponder the reason for the season and inspiration will perk my brain and a story or poetry will come forth like a bubbling fountain. Today let me share a piece I wrote several years ago which shares a bit of my soul with you.

Merry Christmas - Happy… Continue

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Who Am I? How Do I Descibe Myself and My Art?

I just read an interesting blog by Kamal Sinclair called Professional Identity: Who Are You? and What Do You Do? (see below) It made me think about that question. I know who I am in my family, my marriage, my religion, my community and my neighborhood. I even know that I am a storyteller. But can I truthfully say that I can put who I am into the ten second elevator speech or even the 25 word buzz phrase.

As a storyteller I can tell stories that roll trippingly off the tongue with… Continue

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StoryMasters at the Orlando Kid's Fringe Festival

Well we made it through our first adventure into the fringe. When we arrived on Saturday morning for our first show there was nobody around but vendors. Theresa the Fringe kid's wrangler said to just skip this performance, see a show and do the 12:30 performance. So we went to see fellow Florida storyteller Bernie O'Brien with his show in the green section of the fringe. He was funny as always and he was finished by Noon so we had enough time to… Continue

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Florida StoryCamp is Almost Here and I'm Already Exhausted ;o`)

All I can say is that Florida StoryCamp is almost here! Almost here! almost here.... I am exhausted before it even starts. As the assistant camp director the last few days are hectic and there are always last minute changes that happen. I finally got the program done for camp early this morning and now off to the printer. We have some great tellers this year Michael McCarty, Molly Catron, Kuniko Yamamoto, Michael Parent and Sandy Walker. What fun we will have learning at their feet and… Continue

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My Poetry Post: Eletelephony

I think poetry can add a little bit of spice to a performance. It also gives an ever so slight break between pieces. So the more fun ones I can find or write the more I add. Here is one of my favorite tongue twister type pieces. I hope you enjoy it too.


By Laura Richards

Once there was an elephant,

Who tried to use the telephant––

No! No! I mean an elephone

Who tried to use a telephone––

(Dear me! I am not certain quite

That even… Continue

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Zippidy-do-dah Zippidy-ay!

Zippidy-do-dah! Zippidy-ay!
I just found a great quote for today!

"Stories ain't never done no harm to nobody. And if they don't do no good, how come they last so long?"
Uncle Remus, from the Disney film Song of the South

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How do you define storytelling? When do you cross the line?

I recently attended the Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival and watched/listened to the National Youth Storyteller Showcase. The youth who performed were extremely talented to say the least and the young lady who won the title of Grand Torchbearer was multi-talented. Before announcing the winners of this showcase each youth was allowed to tell their story, therein lies the rub. Or might I say, here is were I get confused about the current definition of storytelling and… Continue

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Who Am I?

Dragons to vanquish,
Maidens to rescue,
Kingdoms to rule,
I AM a StoryTeller!
MyLinda Butterworth

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