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Conversations with Storytellers

Over the last ten years we have lost a number of our elders and not so elders, some very unexpectedly. I began to think about this as I read about them I realized that apart from the odd news paper article that one might find, for some of these wonderful and talented storytellers there was precious little about them. I decided to create a podcast, a series of interviews with our elders. I began to reach out and make inquiries. I began to meet storytellers at the conferences and festivals I…


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Every egg tells a story

I am not only a storyteller, but also a photographer and I am lucky in that I have recently been asked to photograph some goose eggs, this one illustrated by Barbara Newton. I would like to offer those who enjoy stories and art to take a look at the other eggs at: and find the stories in each egg.…


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The Story of the Jaguar and Hare, a tale from South America

Once there was an old couple who lived in the rainforests of South America. They were very poor. Their home was nothing more than a ram shackled old hut with gaps in the walls and cracks in the ceiling, which was nice when the stars were out and a full moon was in the sky, but not so wonderful when it was raining. It rains a lot in a rainforest in South America! They were very poor. Their only real possessions were a knife and a couple of pets: a young jaguar and a hare.

One day the… Continue

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