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Recipes for a Whole Story Lifestyle

Check out my last article in an 8 article blog post series. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the entire series.

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NJ 20th Annual Storytelling Festival Call for Workshop Proposals

The NJ Storytelling Festival Committee is accepting Storytelling Workshop proposals for the 20th Annual NJ Storytelling Festival.

The 20th Annual NJ Storytelling Festival will take place on Sunday, September 23, 2012 from 12 noon til 6 pm at Grounds For Sculpture, 18 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, NJ.

The workshop will take place from 10am until 12 noon on the day of the festival.

Who can submit a proposal?

Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal to share relevant…


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A new traditional food for Rosh Hashana

During the first night of Rosh Hashana there are many traditional foods that we eat. We dip the apple into the honey, eat round Challa, eat a fish head (so we will be the head not the tail), fish (so we will multiply), carrots, beets, gourds, dates, cabbage/leeks, pomegranate, and new fruits.…


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Whose the Fool?

April Fools Day was actually a political tool to force people into compliance. The first day of the year use to be April 1st. When the ruler changed it, people resisted. King decided to belittle and poke fun of those who would not comply and called them April Fools. Some political weapons never go away.

HiStory is always a story that needs to be told.

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Telling at the local US Armory

Last week I was invited to tell to veterans and their families at a local US Army Reserve Armory. I ran a mini workshop and told a couple stories but the faces of my listeners told stories all their own. Many folks were struggling just to put food on the table while their husbands or wives were on active duty. Others were facing the challenge of readjusting once they returned home.…


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Thanksgiving story for the troops

Last week I performed for a wonderful group of women in New Jersey. I opened up the floor and asked for stories and I was given this wonderful Thanksgiving story to pass on.

In the mid 1950's someone called a military base and offered to host 10 soliders for Thanksgiving. There was one stipulation--"Make sure not to send any Jews" Thanksgiving arrived and the Host and Hostess hurried to the door when they heard the doorbell chime. There stood 10 black soliders.

"Oh no!"… Continue

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Call For Proposals NJ Storytelling Festival


The 17th annual NJ Storytelling Festival will return to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, Sunday October 18, 2009. This year we plan to offer 2 workshops in the morning before the performances begin. Each workshop will run about 2 hours.

Workshop presenters will be given a $150 honorarium. We invite and encourage you to submit a workshop proposal. You are responsible for your own supplies and transportation. This is a one day festival, no… Continue

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Happy Square Root Day!!! How are you celebrating?

It only happens 9 times in this century.
How will you mark the day?

Who ever said storytellers are afraid of math didn't know about Square Root Day?
Embrace your 9s.

(Maybe we'll rent a math movie-any good math movies?)

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Lipstick Writer goes to a HOUSE CONCERT

Saturday night I went to a house concert. OK.......I helped creat the event. The ever wonderful Buck P. Creacy ventured out east to the big city life of......New Jersey! (He even visited the Empire State Bulding-which is not in New Jersey, but then nothing is perfect) I found out that this was Buck's first House Concert. Which got me thinking......(watch out).........And I wondered just how many storytellers know about HOUSE CONCERTS?

What is a HOUSE CONCERT you ask?… Continue

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The Lipstick Writer wishes you a L'Shana Tova

I wanted to take a moment, before I go crazy cooking and cleaning and realizing that my house is hopeless, then realizing that I did the best I could and it's good enough, to wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

If you haven't guessed from my name, Rivka, I am Jewish. Sunset tonight begins our New Year and ten days of introspection. It's a time when we look at ourselves and the things we've done over the past year. We reconnect with others and try to make right the mistakes… Continue

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Lipstick Writer meets Safe Girls, Strong Girls.

I love being a storyteller. Storytellers can go anywhere. Stories fit everywhere. And everybody loves a good story. As a storyteller, I’m very willing to go almost everywhere, because stories belong everywhere.

Last weekend I was invited to take my stories to an extraordinary place called Camp Cadi. Camp Cadi is a place where girls who have been sextually abused can reclaim some of their childhood. Storytelling, music, art, yoga, rope courses, improv, swimming, eating—filled the day… Continue

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Lipstick Writer – What I Learned at the Seminar Last Night.

Last night I went to a seminar on “What to consider when designing your CD/DVD cover.” I hopped on 2 trains, got to Manhattan and walked 5 blocks. I got to the seminar 10 minutes early and sat down. Everybody got a packet of stuff. There was a little round, blue plastic thing on top of the pile. I had no idea what it was. I figured, “I’m really out of it,” until a woman sitting next to me asked what it was. I asked a few more people. It turned out almost no one knew what it was and assumed… Continue

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Lipstick Writer's Orlando Fringe Journal Day 7

And the Fringe goes on......

I took Monday off to visit my mom who lives a couple hours drive from Orlando. I got back 3 hours before the performance. I passed out cards, pickles and ice cream then headed off to do another show. Unfortunatly I caught a nasty virus and my nose was a virtual facet. And this was the show that was being taped. It was also the show that was being reviewed!!

I blew my nose, met the audience (I didn't know I was being reviewed) and did the show.… Continue

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Lipstick Writer's Orlando Fringe Journal-Day 5


The fifth day has passed and it was good. If you are following this blog, you know that my first show had a rather light showing (no one showed up) but I was assured this is normal for out-of-towners that are new to fringe. So I continued on, hitting the lines, talking to everyone and anyone.

I did a free morning performance for the kid's fringe, but it was so darn hot (the kid's fringe is outside) only a few kids showed (and the Blue Man… Continue

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Lipstick Writer's Orlando Blog Journal-Day 2

I came close to not writing this entry--but storytellers are fearless, we tell the good and the ugly so here goes.

Day 2 at the 2008 Orlando Fringe

I woke up, called home and headed back to the festival site. (I'm staying about 20 minutes away.) I had a 10:00am tech rehersal so I had plenty time for coffee. I usually enter a performing place, make sure the mic works (if I need one) and if it doesn't I hurry about and try to fix it. Then I work on seating, tickets, etc and… Continue

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Lipstick Writer's Daily Fringe Journal - Orlando is a place in the sun!

Over then next 12 days you are invited to my world through this blog. I will keep a daily journal, more or less, and share a virtual fringe experience. I will keep adding, so please check back every now and again.

DAY 1 Tuesday May 14th

I got on a plane at 6AM and left my New Jersey world. The last few days were rough. My mother-in-law became critically sick last week and died on Sunday. The funneral was Monday. I thought of canceling but my husband insisted that I get on… Continue

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Lipstick Writer’s Conundrum – Hershey vs. Godiva

First of all, let me tip my preverbal hat to the word conundrum. I love that word. I can’t say it fast. It demands an extra moment and a little extra effort, which is fitting for any conundrum.

I’ve been walking around for weeks now, pondering this issue. Its time to put it out to the world at large. Am I more like a Hershey bar or a Godiva truffle? And …regardless of what I am, which would I rather be…A Hershey bar or a Godiva truffle?

This might seem simple, but it is… Continue

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Lipstick Writer Has Coffee Breath

I love coffee. There’s nothing like it. I don’t care how you take your coffee. Some folks like it from roasted Columbian beans; others prefer theirs brewed from green leaves grown in China. Sometimes I’ll make it from chamomile flowers right out of my garden, and Godiva makes a nice sweet concoction. I like mine with a cream, no sugar.

Coffee is magic. To get the full impact, I suggest using a mug, (I often carry my own). I like the weight of the mug and I love feeling the warmth of… Continue

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Lipstick writer

I thought I'd start up a blog dedicated to the creation of oral story. I'll post a couple times a week focusing on my creative process and the stories which are written with my lips. (I don't always wear lipstick but saliva writer seemed a little harsh.)

I'll start up with a repost of a piece I put on my website a little while back.

Writing with My Lips

I've just started a book called The Warrior and the Priest by John Milton Cooper, Jr. It's a… Continue

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