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Dorothy Milnes Simm (Seligor)'s Blog – June 2009 Archive (2)

The Rich Man and the Poor Man, not as sad as yesterday's you'll be pleased to hear. xxx

The Rich Man and the Poor Man

A page made by Seligor of things that maybe you won't know of, till now.

The Rich Man and the Poor Man

A rich man and a poor man sat beneath the pink and lemon blossom trees of Spring.

The rich man said:

"Ah the scent of these trees gives me a headache. I am not too dull a fellow that my mind does not tell me how beautiful it is. But then I begin to think of how I might buy up this land so that the trees are exclusively mine and… Continue

Added by Dorothy Milnes Simm (Seligor) on June 21, 2009 at 9:13pm — No Comments

MARIKO, The story of many children who live this way. Willowdown


Mariko - san

A child was born on a rubbish tip. Its mother was the shell of an old broken fridge and her father was a rusty old pick up truck.

Her name was Mariko-san and she had thick black curly hair, golden-brown skin, eyes like glorious stars and a little mouth like a rose-bud.

When she smiled, which was most of the time, her face was a garden of beautiful flowers. When she cried, which was not very often, little silver tears fell from her eyes and watered… Continue

Added by Dorothy Milnes Simm (Seligor) on June 20, 2009 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment



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