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Moving on...

The child stood, hurt and confused. There seemed to be no way out of the maze - she had tried and tried

walking this way and that, looking for the right way out. The giant had taken her out of her safe home

and dropped her in the middle of this prickly, confusing and dangerous place. 


She had tried fighting her way through the walls of privet, but all she had succeeded in doing was 

hurting herself more.


It was getting late, the night was…


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Silver Forest, Golden Key.

There was once a young woman. She stood, at the entrance gate of a garden, and the size of the gate was so high and wide that she could see no way to climb in, or walk round, for the garden was surrounded by a very high wall. Covering the wall was a thicket of dark thorns - sharp and needle pointed, and all facing towards her.

She had been told by her father that in order to start a new life she had to enter this garden, using a golden key. And this key was inside the…

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We are human beings, not human doings, and in every way we are made up of many colours, some dark, some light, some demanding, some gentle.

The dark and demanding are necessary for us to take action and the gentle and spiritual are for nurturing.

When we accept all that we are, then we can accept all that is in others.

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Lao Tsu and the Tears

In the times of great long ago, there lived a woman, in China.

This woman was very unhappy, her family had thrown her out, she had no home, no family and was in the depths of despair.

"What am I to do - how can I live when there is nothing in this life and nobody who loves me?"

She sat quietly by the side of the river, her tears forming a tiny stream which flowed down to meet the waters of the river.

Each tiny tear pooled at her side until they all… Continue

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Take a leaf..

Take a leaf,

from the heart of a friend,

it is there to share with you

spend it wisely,

the love that it brings

is valid for time long

and a day.

Measure it and you will see

that it reaches beyond the sunrise

and slips between your fingers

if you let it go.

Be gentle..

it is intended,

just for you.

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Words in the moment

This minute,

is ringed around with every feeling that

exists in this wide universe.

Like a silver coated rainbow running

rings round my soul, in darkness

and lightness, pulled here and there

I sit amidst the storm of passion and

fury, waiting for the centre to pass,

not to be swept away by the emotional

trash that flings itself my way,

the emotional detritus of everyone… Continue

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Speaking to love..

Today I raised my voice and said

"Love - its time to come here and hold hands,

we're struggling, pushing our way

through the mud of every day life and there you

sit, just watching and laughing!"

Love turned to me and smiled,

"What do you want of me? All I

have given you, you turn away

and throw down as if rubbish

was more important.

I say that the rubbish of love is

greater… Continue

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Waiting on a raindrop

That grey ol sky, he just poured raindrops on me,

so I looked up and pointed at him.

"Hey sky, whatchoo think you doin?

I don't deserve this rain! Why for you cryin?"

The sky answered smiling

"Today is a day for rain, tomorrow may be a different day,

for sunshine, and today I am…

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Unnamed poem


is sitting on my hands, running through my fingers

it passes by like water that I just cannot

touch or feel.

When the tomorrow comes that is the final

tomorrow will things come to rest, or will

the puzzle still need to be solved?

the pieces lie in my lap, some of them seem to fit,

and others wait in the wings to be recognised.

What is the difference between the whole picture

and the tiny piece that I… Continue

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Poem for a friend...

Ode to a son...

Ode to a son.

Like an angry jewel,

your blood red rage

filled my soul

with black dread.

The demon in you, spoke

in words of fire

never finding space

to sip the milk of love

that was offered.

Sometimes the child

that you were,

appeared like a wraith

reaching out to me

in heart… Continue

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What is it?

Here. This once upon a time thing. This once it was and I was there. What is it? Shall I walk around it, or sit and watch it.

My hand reaches out to touch, and yet, I cannot see it. So near and yet so far. A bump. A tiny bird feeling - something old, not new, not borrowed and definitely blue.

The wind rushes by my window, just as I rush through life, not pausing to stop, to wait - just for a moment.

This one thing, has been waiting beside, behind, and above, for… Continue

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Cutting out my heart...

Today I threw spears at my soul,

I took up a burnished sword,

and cut out my heart,

calling myself names that you wouldn't understand,

shouting at myself like there was no tomorrow,

until the wise teller inside me said

"peace...what is point of your raging,

there is nothing that you have done

that needs changing - all is here and

all is well"

So I shook her hand, and said thank you

smiling, briefly, and waving my knife

behind my… Continue

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Reflections on Alzheimers...and Autism

Today I saw you,

lost in a little world,

that was yours, dreaming

listening, singing songs

that had nothing to do with me,

a world that I cannot touch

cannot see, and will never know.

Robbing me of the human

being that I know, or knew,

smiling a smile that I've never seen

before, for some reason that is


And a child, lost in his quietness,

writing invisible things in the sky,

watching beyond my sight and… Continue

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Doorinna the snake-dragon.

There was once a white dragon, one that lived on the very edge of time, splitting her life into distinct places which…

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The Phantom and the Butterfly..

A little girl was walking through a dark forest, the sky was crying huge tears of rain and everything was soaking wet - and so was she.… Continue

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The Ocean Deeps - A story to begin a story

Once upon a many times, there lived a young woman. As the world turned so did her days. Days of sunshine, days of rain, days of loud and

soft, clear and calm, thunder and lightening. She was a strong young woman who

loved the circle of days, of seasons, and never questioned the workings of the


Out walking one day, she went further away from her home than usual. She trod a path, which took…


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Silk, ruby, ebony and clover..

Once upon a long time ago, longer ago than the length of an elephant’s heartbeat, there lived a woman and a child.

The woman always wore silk, red silk – a beautiful gown that clung just so, and as she moved, the whisper of it's message bought joy and happiness to her and to her son.

This child loved his mother deeply, and willingly buried his face every moment he could in the folds of her red silk gown, breathing in her smell and feeling the silky… Continue

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The soulfleece..

Many years ago, in a time of sunshine and flowers, there lived a young girl. She had been brought up in a well to do house, with everything she wanted, the best food, the best drink, the nicest clothes, and yet..somehow her life was not happy.

There was an unfulfilled longing within her that she could not reach. She searched all her pockets, but found nothing, she looked through all her drawers, and into her cupboards, she checked the roof spaces… Continue

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The perfect rock...

Long ago, in the time before time itself, a large round rock lay in the middle of a forest. The rock was huge, its surface was smooth, and when the rain fell on its top, it rang like a deep bell.

Growing all around this rock was a myriad of flowers, all colours, all shapes, all sizes. A carpet of colour fit for a queen.

Each time the rain fell and the rock sang, more and more flowers grew around it.

Slowly the… Continue

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Ikran the Runner

Dedicated to Roi who is ill in hospital right now...

Many long years ago, as long ago as the length of my nose, there lived a man.

This man lived a quiet and gentle life, eating, drinking, and working as everybody does, subsisting and making his way in the world enough to keep his world balanced.

It was spring, the sun was shining very early, and the birds started to sing beautiful… Continue

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