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An Interview followed by a lovely description of Two Chairs Telling

Minnnesota Microphone recently did an interview with me and a review of the April presentation of Two Chairs Telling. Here it is.

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Under the Influence


Yes, I know this Spring Equinox missive is late. I was in Warwick, Rhode Island at “Sharing the Fire,” the New England region’s annual storytelling conference, when the moment of transformation (1:32 EDT) arrived. In what has been a long, dark winter of sorrow and loss, spring could not have come too soon.

In fact, at 1:32 EDT I was 20 minutes into my workshop on “Framing Stories as Advocacy” and quite possibly at the very moment where the woman said, “I didn’t… Continue

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Winter Solstice 2009

Friends, 12/21/09 - 11:47 CST

“How blue the darkening sky, bruised to plum and then to the black of old stage curtains.” That’s how some of you have suggested I start this one. And so I will. It is appropriate as this moment finds me considering the sadness that has welled up these last weeks. Family. Work. Politics. Call it what it is. The bad news outweighs the good and hope becomes a rare commodity. The words of comfort, plentiful and heartfelt as they are, feel false... Not that… Continue

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Fall Equinox (Yes, two months after the fact)

This was what I posted on the electronic commons: “The last full day of summer is at hand. Tuesday 4:16 Central the eggs can stand on end, the leaves have full permission to turn and depart their branches, the dark comes giddy and soon. Take time to thank your gardens, the beaches and tar, the pop songs that made the summer what it was. Kiss it goodbye. Next year, we'll meet again.”

This was Judy Cooper Lyle response “Do you have to remind us???? I dread winter like the… Continue

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The Summer Solstice letter

I am tardy in many things. Posting this summer solstice missive is one of them, but for those of you who look forward to my little notes on the passing of the seasons and especially for those who e-mailed me to say, where is it? Here it is:

Sunday. The Summer Solstice arrives. Somewhere the songs that greet the day have been sung. Somewhere else the fires that greet the night have been lit and the sparks fly up, the dances danced, the flames leapt over by lovers celebrating… Continue

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Belated Equinox Missive


When the day the light and dark were balanced I was not. My first full day in Oaxaca, I had mistakenly eaten a bad shrimp. At least I thought it was the one shrimp which didn’t taste like the others but I swallowed anyway rather than spitting it out. A mistake that laid me low for 18 hours of feverish sleep punctuated by a complete voiding of the system. That was followed by a three-day course of powerful parasite killer and a handful of aspirin.

Such was my… Continue

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Winter Solstice Letter


This is also available as a note on my Facebook page. But or those who prefer PS, here it is or your reading pleasure.

I was talking to Chris Shillock at Jules Nyquist's Solstice party last night.

He says he has a new girlfriend.

Good for you.

We had our first fight but we've made up.

Might I ask what it was about?

She called me an Idealist who wants to change the world. I said I'm a Realist.

But Chris, you are an Idealist.

Don’t… Continue

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