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Easter Snow in Texas

Saturday, April 07, 2007 –6:30 p.m.

Easter Eve

Easter Snow in Texas

I mowed the grass yesterday, a mere 24 hours ago

And I just looked out the window – to see a world of snow!

Easter weekend! In Texas! You know, TEXAS – cactus, cowboys and such?!

‘Spose I coulda been more surprised, but, I declare – not by much!

Birds didn’t mind, ‘cause there they sat, snackin’ on sunflower seed

I’s peekin’ through the kitchen window, jus’… Continue

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"Bye-bye . . . I love you . . . ."

I'd just pulled into the closest parking spot I could manage on a Wal-Mart Saturday. Making sure windows were up, doors were locked, double-checking to make certain that I wasn't about to lock - or hadn't already locked myself out by leaving car keys on the front seat when I heard it.

A small voice. Sweet. Innocent. Directed at me? I turned to look over my shoulder, and there was the source of that voice. A little boy, maybe two, two and a half years old - leaning out the window of… Continue

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Once there was a tiny town doomed never to succeed

The fundamental problem was that no one there could read

And since they couldn't read, of course, they couldn't write

They fed on "Foolish" ev'ry morning - dined on "Dumb" at night

The newsboy there never cried, "Extra! Read all about it!"

For in that town not one was found who could read, don't you doubt it

In fact there was no newsboy, nor paper for him to… Continue

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NEW: Biblical Storytelling Group

If you are interested in learning about biblical telling, the "hows, whys, wherefores," its opportunities, its power, its challenges, its rewards for both teller and listener, and if you're willing to learn and grow along with others, please join the group - we'd love to have you!

Tom Taylor

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Judgmental-dismissive labels and tags are NOT the way to go

And here's a True Tale - it happened to me - I guess I should know

"You can't judge a book by its cover," an ol' guy once told me

I recall what he said, when I get outa bed, and see, thru the window, that tree

K-Mart...Cheap Tree...A dollar and a half

A thing of beauty? Dignity? Grace? Please, don't make me laugh

Was I, the moment I saw it, simply filled with delight?

At its stature? Its… Continue

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My adaptation of a Soren Kierkegaard story via Tony Campolo's book "You Can Make a Difference."


(c) 1985 - Tom A.B. Taylor

I read about a land of ducks who waddled their lives away

They'd duck-walk to their daily jobs'n'duck-walk while at play

They'd waddle to th' duckstore & th' Duck movie way down town

When th' traffic was bad, there'd be "Quack-Ups"...

As the ducks waddled all around

Come Sunday mornin'… Continue

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I Had a Teacher . . .

© 1998 – Tom A.B. Taylor

I had a teacher when I was young, she was old and I…but a kid

I can’t recall her curriculum at all, but I’ll never forget what she did

She sat us all down on a rug on the floor, while she relaxed in’er old rockin’ chair

“Once upon a time,” she always began, then she’d lead us away from there

To forests, and castles and distant lands, and characters we’d clearly see

And we sat enraptured –…


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"IT AIN'T!?"

Saturday, February 2, 2008 - 12:05 a.m.

"It ain't about how pretty you sing,

it's all about how good you tell the story."

From traditional ballad singer of Madison County, North Carolina, U.S.A., Dellie Norton ~

I loved Ms. Norton's comment the moment I first saw it. "She nailed it," I…


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It's Amazin' to me . . .

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Years ago when I was touring my one-man show on Woody Guthrie, in the course of events - studying, researching, practicing, rehearsing, writing, editing, reading, traveling - it dawned on me that I ought to learn to play the spoons, AND bones, for the show - you know, to make it more authentic. Just seemed natural to me. An appropriate thing to do. No direct evidence that Guthrie did, but, still and all, none that he…


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