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THE NAKED SOUL OF STORYTELLING - Seeing Through A Glass Darkly

A Native American once told me that clouds reflect the soul of the river. One-sided images of everyday life barely, rarely, reflect what is true, because TRUTH is TRANSPARENT and, day-to-day, we tend to see through a glass darkly...the images we take in have a way of impressing our state of health and superimposing the landscape of our soul--- mission central for the animation and imagination of our lives. Unkind actions and words don't… Continue

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You won't believe what happened yesterday---it was like a dream!I live in a village development of apartment-style homes in Auburn, Alabama. One of the best things about my end unit is that I have a decent view of the lake, a much appreciated amenity when I’m working at my computer and able to enjoy the view.

Within a one-mile radius of where I live is a movie theatre, a shopping mall, a row of restaurants, some new subdivisions, a… Continue

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GOODNIGHT FROM HEAVEN ...saying 'goodbye' to a friend

In the stillness of night, when the world was asleep, my heart heard the words: GOODNIGHT FROM HEAVEN. I've hesitated to write about the recent passing away of a dear friend, Neele., but am trying, now, to push some of the pooled and pent up energy I feel in my body, back into the main current, the River that is Life. I want to move the log in the river that… Continue

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An out-of-town prospect contacted me , asking if I could reserve some time on a Friday afternoon to show her some properties. A few days before her trip here, we set a time & I asked if she would meet at the office. She was car-less (her husband would be using it), so she emailed if I could please pick up her and her daughter at the hotel--- and that she'd buy the gas. I wrote back that I'd be happy to pick her up, and would be at the hotel at… Continue

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happy bEARTHday LYNNE!

hello again, my sweet friend...TODAY IS A bEARTHday FOR YOU, so time for a party! You have arrived!

In the immortal words of Henry Miller, "One's destination is not a place, but rather a new way of looking at things."

MEthinks it tis our human habit to look backwards and forwards, but tis our spiritual nature to look upwards... only then do we begin to realize our true destination. So, looking up from our laundry baskets and lines of fresh linens and tributes to… Continue

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I have had the incredible opportunity--- and challenges, of working the marketing side of a new development here. It is a "Village" idea. The first homes were completed in recent months, and more are beginning. The new elementary school, just down the brand new road, opens up in a few months. The City Parks teamed up with the University here and developed a beautiful, 10-acre, indoor outdoor tennis center center, also just down the new road from THE COTSWOLDS (the name for the VILLAGE.… Continue

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