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New blog post: Storytelling genres | applied storytelling

Storytelling applications are answers to communal human needs. The community recognizes the answer storytelling carries for those needs and seeks the people who can carry the task of answering the demand. Read more...

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Thoughts about the current state of storytelling | Dec. 2010

Through the past decade I’ve seen major shifts happening concerning storytelling perception in parallel with the never stopping deep heartbeat of the art & craft. A new blog post on my Agora.

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The materials of storytelling

Inviting you to read, comment and share. Just go into the Agora>categories (toolbar)>The materials of storytelling>scroll to the bottom.

Regards, Limor.

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Conversations about storytelling

A long time has passed since my last visit here except for a short tweet. Many things are going on and I would like to invite you to some of them. If you'll visit the Agora you'll find two conversations going on:

Striding towards storytelling mastery recorded with Brother Wolf - you will find the recording on The Art of Storytelling… Continue

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Looking for Storytellers in Japan

One of my team members in traveling to Japan soon and intends to stay there for about a month. Any connections or performances she should visit? contact details warmly welcomed and thanks in advance.

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Looking for storytellers from around Windermere, UK

Hi there,
A student of mine will visit the Windermere area between 26-29th of September.
She was wondering if she might get lucky about storytelling events and storytellers there.
Any information anyone?
Regards, Limor.

Added by Limor Shiponi on September 7, 2009 at 7:53pm — 5 Comments

WSD Israel event will start in a couple of hours!

Track us on Twitter (storyteling) and Facebook (Limor Shiponi).
Have a great day!

Added by Limor Shiponi on March 27, 2009 at 11:26pm — 2 Comments

Stories for a strong spirit - asking for help

I'm asking for your help and collective wisdom. You all know what is going on in my part of the world. Obviously we are running around reaching out with the power of story in shelters. But we can do much more, so we feel. This led us to the possibility of broadcasting on the national radio and we have a way in. This choice is better than broadcasting on the internet for these reasons:

-Most people are religiously listening to the radio in times of crisis.

-The internet… Continue

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Barack Obama the Storyteller

Well, it seems this post is winning attention (according to the blog's stats.) so you might want to read it and comment.

You will also see the Agora is open to requests and you are invited to ask or suggest anything that comes up.

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