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Call for Volunteer Readers May 2016: National Storytelling Network Brimstone Award

The National Storytelling Network's Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling issues a grant each year to an outstanding storytelling service project. In the past, the Brimstone Award has gone to storytelling projects focused on veterans, at-risk youth, people with life-threatening illnesses, and more. Projects have focused on topics as varied as youth mentoring, environmental conservation, collecting oral histories, grief support, and community development. Learn more about this award…


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What does storytelling look like?

It was about four years ago that I became particularly grumpy over the use of the word "storytelling" by those who do not actually tell stories. Writers and singers and actors had always described themselves as storytellers, but suddenly in business articles and on Twitter and in the blogosphere suddenly everyone from advertisers to life coaches to film editors to game designers were calling what they did storytelling.

And I'll admit it's an imprecise word.

But I decided to do…


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Breaking the Eggs: Storyteller or Story?

Over at my other blog, I ask the question: which do prefer, a great storyteller telling a not-so-great story, or a great story told a not so great storyteller?

Click through to see the video.

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Storytellers Caught on Video!

Seeing storytellers appear in online video isn't necessarily new... but with so many video sharing sites and so many online video formats, there was never one place to see storytellers tell their stories online.

Even the YouTube storytelling channel, a well-kept secret for many years (you'd think that after Google bought YouTube, that Google might be able to FIND a channel on its own property to list in its search… Continue

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National Storytelling Festival Wrap Up, Interweb Style

Another year, another National Storytelling Festival come and gone.

Me? I didn't make the trek to Jonesborough, Tennessee, this year. Instead, I chose to follow the Festival vicariously on Twitter.

How did that go?

Find out for yourself:

And this week,… Continue

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Is Twitter a good platform for storytelling? No.

Over at Breaking the Eggs, I muse upon the techno-tool of the year, Twitter, the micro-blogging tool that is making blogging so last year.

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The Weary Tourists Swap Stories: Another post from India

18 storytellers sharing a bus for two weeks. How hard can it be to find time to swap stories?
Harder than you think.

Read my latest blog entry about the World Storytelling Institute/Eth-Noh-Tec Tharisanam storytelling tour of November 2008 over at Breaking the Eggs:

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Call for Performers: Long Island Fringe Festival

Long Island is hosting their first Fringe Festival in September 2009, and has released a call for performers. Do you have a 30 to 45 minute set ready to go on the road? Learn more in the Fringe Festival Group.

Long Island Fringe Festival web site: Link

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Story Swapping Between Cultures

Over at "Breaking the Eggs," I've posted another entry from last month's storytelling tour of Tamil Nadu organized by Eth-Noh-Tec and the World Storytelling Institute. This time, you can read my thoughts on the story swapping in rural villages we participated in.

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What would get you to Portland in Sept. 2009?

West Coast tellers:
what would you want to see in a storytelling conference or unconference in a three day gathering in Portland, Oregon in September 2009?

Feedback needed immediately.

Join the discussion here.

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No NSN Conference in Los Angeles in 2009.

The National Storytelling Network hasn't officially announced this yet, but there will be no NSN National storytelling conference in Los Angeles in 2009.

(See Jo Radner's comment of July 23, 2008 here)


what if they refused to hold a conference...

and we all showed up anyway.

Chime in at the forum:… Continue

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Call for Tellers (Northern California/SF Bay Area) - Tell It On Tuesday Auditions

I'm forwarding this at the behest of Rebecca Fisher and Bridget Frederick, the producers of Tell It on Tuesday, a monthly showcase for solo performance held in Berkeley, California.

They are holding auditions for their next season. Tell It On Tuesday showcases 4 performers the last Tuesday of each month at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts in Berkeley.

Performers such as Liz… Continue

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Required Reading: Do you have 1000 true fans?

(via boingboing)

Cutting edge thinker and blogger Kevin Kelly summarizes the literature on micro-patronage, micro-celebrity, how the Web lets you connect with audience members, and adds in his thoughts.

Required reading for performing artists on a new model for making a living.

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Breaking the Eggs: A Blog on Performance Storytelling in the 21st Century

Forgot to plug my blog... not this one, but the one where I don the crankypants and explain what's right and what's wrong with the storytelling movement in the United States these days. Thought I'd toss out a post last night in 15 minutes... two hours later, I had my latest rant, which manages to jam in Kendall Haven, Carol Birch, Jo Radner, and Al Gore into one posting.

It's called "Breaking the Eggs." (Because you can't make an omelet…


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Sean's Angry Photo Speaks!

Click here to make the Angry Sean talk


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Web Advice from a Talking Head

Click on the picture to make it talk (will take you to another site). Click on the pink triangle to hear my picture talk.

(I'm working on embedding the talking picture here but I'm having technical…


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