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Florida Storytelling Camp here I come!!!!

In two weeks, i will be in Florida for the Storytelling Camp I have herd so much about for years and years!!! I am excited because it is something new to do and aybe I can make some possible professional connections. I am still interested in moving out of Michigan--Gods do I hate it here!!! So pedestrian. Except for my family--both biological and storytelling, there really isn't anything left for me to stay here. One of my dearest friends actually made the move to Tarpan Springs and I so badly want to follow...but there are things standing in my way--one of which is my inability to let go of the comfort zone things I have. I don't think I can take another Winter--all the snow and ice this year made me thing of Ragnarok!!!! Oh well.

Camp sounds really exciting this year...lots of great workshops plus i get to see some really close friends I haven't seen in about a year, so I can't wait!!!! I'll write later about camp once I return.

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Comment by Lois Sprengnether Keel (LoiS) on March 19, 2008 at 9:45pm
WOOPS, I'm newbie enough I don't understand if my email above wasn't supposed to be there. I'm not sure I understand the "Stop Following" vs. "Follow" note.
Comment by Lois Sprengnether Keel (LoiS) on March 19, 2008 at 9:43pm
Enjoy FL for me, Rob. Maybe next year I'll finally make the FL Story Camp. Until then I'll expect you to bring back all you can. I'm selfish enough to hope Michigan doesn't lose you, but also want only what makes you happiest.
Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on March 16, 2008 at 11:57am
Fine go to Florida... I will stay here and hold down the fort.

Buck :(
Comment by Rivka Willick on March 16, 2008 at 6:51am

You remind me of myself, 28 years ago. I'm from Michigan, born and raised. Oh, how I hated the state. For me it was the gray skies even more then the snow. And then I left. I remember crying the day I left, and I was surprised-couldn't understand where my negative feelings were coming from-half of my family had already left the state. The tears lasted about an hour, then I was off to Key West, FL. Since then I've lived all over the country. San Francisco for 7 years, Chicago 7 more, then Atlanta and finally New Jersey. 3 years ago I took my family to Michigan, to show them where I grew up. A feeling had been growing for a while, but once I had my feet on that solid MI soil, I knew I was home. My family fell in love with the state. I've been back 3 times since. I tell my friends, you want a wonderful vacation--go to Michigan-its one of a kind.

The place you're born and raised in stays with you for ever. Some people are haunted, others are nourished, I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm from Michigan.

(Some of my best stories are Michigan stories) Your state might be a pain in the neck 1/2 of the time, but the other half, its a gem. It just took me 20+ years to figure it out.
Comment by Mylinda Butterworth on March 15, 2008 at 8:24pm
Look for us at StoryCamp. It is a blast. So many people to meet, great workshops and of course lots of storytelling going on. I hear this year unless it rains there will be ghost stories told by the glow of a campfire. Everyday brings new surprises. See you there.

Always a tale to tell,
Comment by Kaye Byrnes on March 15, 2008 at 5:18pm
Look for me at Florida StoryCamp! It's one of the greatest storytelling weekends anywhere....been there every year since 1997. You'll love it.



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