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Little by Little things get done (Aesop 600 BC) Five things I did today for my storytelling


1. I filed my receipts and travel card and check stubs from this weekend's work for my taxes.
2. I made some further edits on my postcard and ordered 10,000 of them.
3. I bought a date stamper for my postcards to keep them current well after the IRA Conference in May
4. I slept a great good long sleep today. I needed it, i took it... I think it was just the thing for me to do. This entry will be brief but I have lots to add to the Marketing and the FIshbowl.
5. Calculated how many cards I need to match my database for mailing right here in Kentucky... 4528... now I have 14 days to calculate the postcard postage and to print out my address labels. mental list... pencil list.... To Do list.

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