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By Dianne de Las Casas

If you want to promote yourself effectively, a press kit is a must. But printed press kits can be time-consuming and costly. Want a better solution? Welcome to the digital revolution. The Internet and the World Wide Web have made access to artists so much easier. Want to get an editor’s or journalist’s attention? Create an awesome online press kit.

Editors Can Access You at the Click of a Button
Editors are under deadline. They want to access your information as quickly as possible. If you send an editor a paper news release, to print it, they will have to either scan the information or retype it. Ugh! It’s much faster for media outlets to download the information they need. It’s easier to click, copy, and cut information out of your online press kit from your website.

You Save Time and Money
In a traditional press kit, you would include a photo or composite card, a poster or flyer, your press release, copies of your articles, a bio, and testimonials. With an online press kit on your website, all of these things can be made available as downloadable files in either a word processing or .pdf (portable document file) file, or both (I do both so that people can have the option). The person accessing the information will do the work, downloading the files and printing them out. You save the time of putting together a traditional kit and you save money because you don’t have the printing and mailing expenses.

What Should I Include in My Online Press Kit?
Your website online press kit should include everything you include in your paper press kit:
- Photos (headshots, action shots, CD and book covers)
- Flyer
- Articles
- Press Releases
- Bio
- Testimonials (can be a separate page)
- Audio and/or Video Files

Title it “Press Kit,” “News Room,” “Media Kit,” or something that will clearly identify the area as a press kit to the media.

Great Examples of Online Press Kits
Check out the online press kits on the websites of some of my favorite artists:

- Jay O’Callahan (storyteller) –
- Monty Harper (children’s musician) –
- Johnette Downing (children’s musician) –

What If I Don’t Have a Website?
There are other online solutions for you if you don’t have a website (though I highly recommend you start developing one!). SonicBids is a great service that allows performing artists to establish an Electronic Press Kit (EPK). For $49.95/year standard service, you can upload an image, a bio, audio clips, a photo gallery, media reviews, and a calendar. That’s less than $5.00 per month. If you upgrade to their next level, you can upload video clips, a stage plot, and a tech rider. The wonderful thing about SonicBids is that you can send out your EPK by email or drop your EPK into hundreds of promoters’ in-boxes. There is so much industry information on SonicBids that it’s almost overwhelming. You can check out my Sonic Bids EPK at By the way, I am not receiving any promotional kickbacks from SonicBids (I wish). I just think it’s a cool service that performing artists should know about.

Being accessible to the media and presenters means more press coverage and more gigs. So what are you waiting for?

Editor’s Note: Dianne de Las Casas is an author and award-winning storyteller who also specializes in marketing and business solutions for performing artists. The Story Biz Handbook: Managing Your Storytelling Career from the Desk to the Stage is a forthcoming title with Libraries Unlimited.

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Comment by Tom McCormack on March 31, 2008 at 2:52pm
Hello Dianne;
Yes, its good to offer the client options. My experience is that the client wants to handle the promotional end and knows the best media contacts to forward the press materials along to. The client deems the storyteller/performing-artist as just that. They could wonder just how good is the performer if they assume too much of the role of an agent like a management company. Quality is it, and the client will take care of the rest.

Best ~ Tom
Comment by Dianne de Las Casas, Founder on March 31, 2008 at 6:58am

I am not suggesting an online press kit in lieu of a paper press kit. I think every performer needs to have both. I have an outstanding paper press kit as well. It's just not feasible to send a paper press kit to every single media outlet out there. I have had great success with both but lately, I have had more and more media access my online press kit. In fact, I was on the front page of the Philippines' largest newspaper a couple of weeks ago. My online press kit was instrumental with that.

Also, I do not cold email press releases or PSAs. I still send out quite a few "hard copies." The media outlets that receive information by email are ones who know me and who I have established a relationship with.

So, I apologize if my blog gave the impression that one should dispense with the traditional paper press kit. Both paper and online press kits have their place and are equally important. Perhaps you should post samples of your press kit so that others may learn from you.

Best wishes!

Comment by Tom McCormack on March 31, 2008 at 6:10am
The client is everything regarding the press-kit packet. What they get from me is unique, custom-made, and every detail is copy-ready. In communicating, I offer the client the option of an e-file with radio-tv+catv psa, newspaper press release, and high resolution dpi color action photos. I'll email it to them, and upon their review they forward it on to their media outlets. Or I'll send it to the client via snail-mail hard-copy. (most prefer that!). Professionalism takes time, but leaves the best impression with that client. The media gets three hundred inquiries (snail-mail and email's) across their desk every week. They still put higher priority weight in a copy-ready snail-mail PSA or newspaper press release, compared to an email. In the larger metro markets, they rarely ever take the time to go to someone's web-site. (they want it copy-ready, in place for them, and on time!).

Best - Tom
Comment by Dianne de Las Casas, Founder on March 27, 2008 at 11:17pm

Thank you for reading!! And thank you so much for all your kind words. I look forward to meeting you in person some day...

Comment by Mike Lockett on March 27, 2008 at 4:25pm
Great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.



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