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[The Story Biz Blog] Making Media Magic 3-31-08


A new blog has been posted in the Story Biz group, It's all about getting press coverage. Included is a sample of my "Fast Facts" sheet as well as a successful press release.

Best wishes for Story Biz Success!

Dianne de Las Casas

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Comment by Wright Clarkson - StoryGuy on March 31, 2008 at 12:45pm

I have to give you an 'at-a -boy' for the way you so deftly handled that age-old media question regarding, '... so, just how do storyteller's make a living since ... or ... so, what do you do for a real job ... ' I agree that the few times I have been invited to speak 'on-air', it has taken either invoving them (the media) in your publicity or inviting them to cover an upcoming event, through the 'back door'. This is not to say that all 'media types' try to stir up controversy, but rather that they tnd to lean toward getting us to take a stand on 'storytelling v. video games, etc.'

Whenever I have an opportunity, I remind a reporter that everyone is a storyteller, in one form or another.

Keep up the good work,


PS Sounds like we share a lot in common in the way we approach this traditional art form. Please add me as a friend and I will do the same.
Comment by Rivka Willick on March 31, 2008 at 7:49am
If you haven't already, join the group "Story Biz" Dianne posts her blogs there.
Comment by Brian "Fox" Ellis on March 31, 2008 at 7:21am
Hello Dianne,

I tried to read your blog post and found a loop of reading that it was posted but not the actual post! Which link gets me to the blog?

Funny though, that A) you were up so early working on it! and B) While you were blogging about using the media I was actually doing a morning news show as a guest to talk about our storytelling festival this weekend. The interview went well and we always get a good response from these morning talk shows, but I wonder how many folks are actually up and watching at 6:00am.

It is also a trick to keep the host on task. Today he wanted to talk about how the internet has diminished the role of conversation, which I had to twist around back to the festival by talking about how the internet makes it easier for storytellers to research international folklore, and by the way, there is a storytelling festival this weekend with a theme of stories from around the world. Come ot the library to travel around the world.

He also made a disparaging comment about "How do you pay the bills if you volunteer for stuff?" A valid point, but there was this undertone of how can anyone make a living telling stories, a conversation we had on air last time this guy interviewed me. I wanted to say, "Last year I grossed over a hundred grand and actually wrote checks for more than $30,000 to other storytellers and musicians, how much did you make as a newscastor... I mean storyteller... which is really what you are isn't it?!?!" But I held my tongue and played nice, because he really is a nice guy and always gives us free PR with the interviews on the morning news.

Thanks for this wonderful new resource for the storytelling community.

Telling Darwin's Tale,
Brian "Fox" Ellis



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