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Florida StoryCamp a real winner!!!!

Wow!!!! What a powerful weekend!!!!

Thursday, March 27th, 2008: I arrived with my friend and her daughter on Thursday night and missed much of the concert but saw Kuniko Yamamoto finish up her set!!! Laughed a lot. Saw my dear friend Kim Rivers who is President of the Florida Storytelling Association and responsible with other Board members for putting on the fabulous weekend event I had come for. And what a wonderful weekend it was, too!!!!

Friday, March 28th, 2008: Woke up Friday morning at the crack of dawn (literally), I got up and went in for breakfast. The food was really nourishing and flavorful and then I went to Kuniko Yamamoto's 3-hour workshop, "Mime and Storytelling for Every Body to Enhance Story and Characterization with Mime Movement". What a delightful teacher she was. This was a hands-on experiential class so I can't provide any other info except that it was a wonderful experience. She asked if any of us were working on stories which required movement and I told her about my problem of trying to evoke the character Yuki Onna (The Snow Woman) and how her long black hair swirled around her as she entered and left a room. She showed me a really good move to convey both the long hair and the wind blowing it behind her. I also learned how to climb and descend a ladder but I am still rusty on doing it, but practice makes perfect, I always say, so I will continue to practice it until I have it down.

Lunch came next and then I was so tired, I took a little snooze until 3 p.m., when I attended Pat Nease's workshop, "Original Stories: Ingredients for the Creative Processors." This class rocked!!! Pat Nease is an awesome teacher and was very excited to listen to your ideas and gave you opportunities to ask questions. We talked for a while after class and then I went back to lie down before dinner, to digest the information I had just gained from the two workshops!!! After dinner, I went to bed because I was still exhausted, but it was a much-needed rest I had to get. I am sorry I missed the two storytelling concerts AND the Ghost Story at the Bonfire!!! Oh well, maybe next year.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008: Had breakfast then rushe dto Michael McCarty's workshope, "The Business of Storytelling: So, you want to be a Professional Storyteller." For 3 hours. Michael talked about marketing tools which should be used for success in promoting yourself to the world as a professional storyteller. Business cards, promotional packets, photos, both color and black-and-white, resumes on the back of the photos--some of the things I already had, in fact, I was honored that Michael used my business card and brochure as examples, among others. He answered a lot of questions and graciously added that if we had any questions, we could always contact him. His voice filled the room. What a genuinely kind man.

Lunch follwed Michael's class. I then went to a website workshop complete with a cd-rom AND handout!!! This lady really did her homework. She ended the workshop with a story entitled, The Storyteller. After her class I just walked around, taking in all of the energy. I sustained me for the rest of the weekend. We had dinner and then, following the FSA Meeting, I saw Gathering of Youthful Voices Storytelling What a powerful group of youngsters!!! They are the future of storytelling!!! In fact all of the presenters made me feel welcome in their workshops. Everyone was wonderful and showed me th true meaning of Southern Hospitality.

The Storytelling Concerts were exceptional on Saturday night. And Sunday's stories were wonderful as well. I had a marevlous time and can't wait until next year when it will be the 25th Anniverssary of Flordia StoryCamp.

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Comment by Kaye Byrnes on April 25, 2008 at 4:03pm
Florida StoryCamp Rocks, Rolls and Rules! It's the best thing going for listening, learning, laughing, making new friends, and renewing old acquaintances. Come One, Call year is our Silver Anniversary - 25 great years of StoryCamp. Tellers: Diane Ferlatte, Donald Davis, Heather Forest, Peninnah Schram, David Novak and Elizabeth Ellis.....can't beat that line-up with a stick. Also, our Florida Stage and Youthful Voices. It's well worth the trip - Rob McCabe is our new best friend. I'll be looking for all of you March 26-29 at beautiful Lake Yale, Florida...don't miss it...
(I insanely volunteered to serve as Camp Director for this event - help me out and come on down!)
Comment by Ann Scroggie on April 8, 2008 at 2:03pm
Glad to meet you and visit for a short time.

FSA has a way of putting StoryCamp together and this year was certainly well organized thanks to a dedicated staff and camp director Mary Lee Sweet. Next year take your stamina pill because there is so much to choose and learn and visit and tell. This was a special year for me to both teach two workshops and tell on Sunday morning. This was my fifith year at camp and I am still learning. You might want to visit the Ocala Storytelling Festival April 18-19. Some good things happen there also.

Comment by Mylinda Butterworth on April 2, 2008 at 4:16pm
It was good to get to know you over the long weekend. I'm so happy you enjoyed camp. Please stay in contact.

Always a tale to tell,
Comment by Dianne de Las Casas, Founder on April 2, 2008 at 12:30am

Enjoyed reading but I think the rest of your article was cut off. Glad you had a great time. Sounded like an intense, full, wonderful weekend.




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