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Storytelling Concerts at Godfrey Daniels a big hit at the Lehigh Storytelling Festival

I was picked up at the airport by Jolene Kiernan and whisked off to my hotel to rest before the evening storytelling concert. I got to Godfrey Daniels and what a delightful place. Small, intimate, the perfect place for folk music and storytelling venues. Reminded me of The Ark in Ann Arbor and AJ's Cafe in Ferndale, but much more intimate. There were two fantastic storytellers last night: Richard Marsh and Odds Bodkin--two very different styles--both expert storytellers. Richard Marsh told several Fionn mac Cumhaill tales and simply hypnotized me into a world of myth and magic. His knowledge of the tales is just one aspect of his storytelling. The fact that he can so effortlessly say the names as they roll of his tongue is musical. I bought one of his books and a couple of cds to add to my growing collection of storytelling cds.

Following a quick break, Odds Bodkin was the next featured teller!!!! Ye Gods and Little Fishes!!!! Not only is he a wonderful storyteller, his ability to utilize music, (harp and guitar) while telling is indescribable. He truly is a Master performer/storyteller. The best word to use for Odds' performance style is theatrical--his use of character voices, narrator, and music is, to say the least, flawless. He told a really disturbing ghost story which actually sent the hairs on my neck stand up. I got goosebumps!!!! Following that disturbing tale, he told a sweet and gentle tale of coperation between a Swedish farmer and his farm elf. "What was it?" was an audience participation song which had the audience laughing and singing right along with him. He closed the night with a moving story of love, loss and redemption from the Indian saga, The Mahabarat. Again, his voices and music carried him along so effortlessly. After the concert we talked for awhile. I reminded him that he had come to Michigan over five years ago and had taught a storytelling workshop. We talked while he packedup his gear and finally I went back to my beautiful, comfortable room at the Comfort Inn. Slept like a log. My show goes up in a few hours. Will write about it when i get back tonight. Lots of great vibes and meeting excellent people--fellow storytellers like me. Too bad I can't stay tomorrow to tell at the Sacred Stories Concert tomorrow or see the other performances at the theatre. Oh well, maybe next year. Who knows?

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Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on April 5, 2008 at 8:43am
I absolutely agree with you about Odds Bodkin. Fabulous... I only hope someday to be as skilled and unique as Odds. He truly has my respect and our only contact has been a handshake after he told in Jonesborough. I actually catch myself hearing some of his lines while I am driving down the highway and I don't even own an Odds Bodkin CD. Now that is "holding an audience." Oh Odds, if you read this, I will buy as CD when I get my next paycheck.




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