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"QUEER!!!" A great success at the Lehigh Storytelling Festival Fringe

Well, as I sit here writing this entry, I can't believe that it's over. TOmorrow I return to Michigan and prepare for my show at Nicola's Little Professor Bookstore's Spring Concert with the Ann Arbor Storytellers Guild. But, I have to say that today's performance was really great. I was all nerves just before going onstage. When Chaz Kiernan introduced me, he did a really great job as emcee, by the way, I was standing on the sidelines waiting for my chance to get onstage and do my piece. Forty-five minutes later, it was done. I had embraced teh dragon and tamed it. The audience really loved it and I was really confident onstage. After my performance, people congratulated me, I got hugs from total strangers who thanked me for my work. There were two gentlemen from the LGBT group from Lehigh University. They loved it. Hell....I even loved it. Everything went really well as planned. I was candid, open and honest and one of the long-time storytellers came up to me and said, "You were REAL.....yu did a greaqt job." Another person thanked me for having the courage to do the piece. I was and still am overwhelmed by the good feelings generated by my show. I was great!!! Now, if only I can get the chance to do this show in a theatre or university setting!!! I'm going to try to get an opportunity this summer to do this show at Affirmations maybe this summer for LGBT History Month.

The other storytellers were excellent and I was in great company. It's back to the writing table for a new show on gender and sexual politics. I started writing a new piece on Transgendered issues. I'll tak to some of my friends who are transgendered and maybe get some ideas for a new show. I just don't know how to stage it. Maybe it's time to rewrite Peter and David: A Love Story and get some fresh blood into it. Gods its great to be a storyteller!!!!

Faithfully yours,

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Comment by Twice Upon a Time Storytellers/Gene & Peggy Helmick-Richardson on May 6, 2008 at 12:47pm
Hi Rob! So sorry that we fell off the grid for a while. It has been a wickedly busy month. But is was so exciting to read about how Queer!! went. Can't wait to see you perform it live! By now, you've had a chance to take a deep breath and really analyze the story, your performance and where you see yourself going with it. What an exciting journey!
Big hug!
Comment by Dianne de Las Casas, Founder on April 6, 2008 at 4:48pm

Congrats! Have you seen this week's issue of People Mag? There's an article about a transgendered man carrying a baby. Very interesting. You should check it out.




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