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Wow! What a whirlwind weekend. I just couldnt do just the festival but on Friday night started my weekend with a 15 minute show as part of the Tolland Senior Center Variety Show ( Ct. ). I was so impressed they had a large audience and using the new Tolland high school ,the stage, lights and sound system were all brand new and state of the art. What a treat! For my part I went on and was calm and focused and delivered my best performance to date! I did 3 stories in the 15 minutes I was hired for. I shortened a regular that is my signature story to fit it into the program and they were all very well recieved. I came off stage to the the greeting of the stage manager and lighting director to " you really are a storyteller I could see everything" I was on top of the world. There is nothing more exciting than delivering to an attentive and welcoming audience and then being appreciated at the end.
I had to slip out minutes after the performance to make the drive down state and had just enough time to make the Ct. Storytelling Festival Mid 9 Cabaret with Jackson Gillman. Jackson gave a stunning performance and by the time I was driving into my yard a little after midnight I was wound up and still trying to digest a nights worth of excitement. No matter, by 1 a.m. I was in bed alarm set for 5:30 a.m. Living on a farm before the fun ever starts there is that little thing called.... chores. Well I overslept the alarm ( not suprised) I raced through the barn getting all the horses fed and out before making the hour trip down state again. I was on site at the festival at 8:30 am. There are days when one has to be so grateful that most of Ct. was sold off to become Ohio and that what remains of our state is so drivable. I can be anywhere in 2 hours, some of you Texans cant get off your ranch in that amount of time!
I was mesmerized by the delivery of Onuwami Jean Moss and thrilled with the workshops and then there are all those people to meet and friends to see. The wine and cheese party was a great time to meet new people and almost everyone is new to me. I volunteered to be a greeter and it was a great way to read all the name tags and connect faces and names I have heard. I will always be happy to take on that task as a way of getting to know people and making the atmosphere warm. For me it was just second nature to greet people and send them along in the right direction. People are always happy to hear which way to the wine and dinner.
That I learned a lot is an understatement I have been jotting notes all weeknd and into Tuesday now. I have so mnay ideas and pieces of info to file away some how and just getting them onto paper lightens the mental load so I can look them over one at a time. I picked up brochures, business cards and promo pages to see how others have prepared their packets of publicity and promo ( I'm learning Buck!) . I have a file for them now and will look them over all at once on a table one day soon and then work on redoing my post card plan.
For me I purchased a book of Texas Ghost Stories by Doc Moore and Tim Tingle( I do a wild west themed program, and well ghost stories are fun) I also bought a DVD of Jackson Gillman's , I can watch and study his delivery well as enjoy a wonderful diverse program he puts together. From Peninah Schram I bought a gift / book for a young ladies 15 th birthday, She has the makings of a storyteller and is my number one fan ( self proclaimed) I was so intrigued by the stories of Peninnah I know my young friend will be too.
On arriving home on Sunday afternoon I went straight to my journal to log so many of the thoughts that were in my head. The sounds, stories, visuals, music and more. My thanks to all the workers who put in untold hours to produce the Ct. Storytelling Festival. My thanks to the friends I have made for making me feel so at home and welcome. It was a wonderful weekend!

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