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I'm thinking about the power of saying " I'm a storyteller " Yeah, well I also say to myself " how good?" However, what I'm saying to someone I meet is that storytelling is an art. Most often they don't know what a storyteller is. It could be they hear me for the moment saying - I'm going to lie a little or I'm going to tell you about myself or I'm going to bore you with something you didn't ask to hear. But, after the pregnant pause and I don't say anything, they are most times at a loss for a reply, but they're thinking... If I had said I'm a doctor, they'd say Oh! and well thats a profession. So, by saying I'm a storyteller I'm telling myself to get it on -thats what I do. I'm not playing with this idea it is who I am. And I'm saying to that person that it is a profession and it is an art . I'm not a performer although through storytelling I give a performance. And most times they say Oh! which is a beginning of acknowledgement.

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Comment by Tom Taylor on November 8, 2008 at 11:16am
Hey, Tom -

You're right, of course. And, like so many others have said in a variety of ways: If y'wanna be a storyteller, tell stories; if you want to be a better storyteller, tell MORE stories, and, I would add, tell'em more often.

I'm not preachin' to anyone other than myself here, but I trust you get my gist.

Thanks for sharing, keep on keepin' on, and keep us posted!


Tom Taylor - Deep in the Heart of Texas
Comment by Steve Evans on May 1, 2008 at 2:01am
Good words. Thanks.



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