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Three Tellers, Two Lanaguages..El Día de los Niños/The Day of the Children

This week we celebrate the Mexican holiday El Día de los Niños/The Day of the Children, a holiday on April 30th. This holiday has been celebrated since 1929, and since the 1990's sometimes is known as El Dia de los Nios / El Día de los Libros/The Day of the Children/The Day of the Books...a celebration of children and books.For more information about libraries celebrating this event, take a look at this site:

Patti and Panchita were invited to share tales at the San Marcos Public Library. They asked Patti's storytelling partner, and their good friend, James Nelson-Lucas to come join them for one of their most favorite stories: A folktale called Tia Miseria. In this tale, two old aunties (or Tias) got angry because the naughty kids in the village kept stealing their pears. When a mysterious strange (enter James) responds to their kindness by offering them a wish, they choose having anyone who climbs up their pear tree to be stuck there until the aunties let them down. Not only do they aunties use this to chase the kids away, but when Señor Muerte (Mr. Death, played by James, also) comes to take them away, they trick death to keep him in a tree for a year. during this time, no one can dies. This causes a lot of trouble, until at last the aunties are persuaded to let death out of the tree. He promised to never return for them: the sisters Misery, Sorrows and their third sister, Hope. So these are always with us.

Although Patti and Panchita have performed together over several years, and Patti and Jame have told stories together for nearly 8 years, this performance was a first for the three working together. Patti has told this story by herselff, as well as with Panchaita and with James separately. Three tellers, two languages...more complicated, but it worked. All in all, they had a great time!

"Thank you so much for your energetic and engaging storytelling program at the San Marcos Library this past week. The audience enjoyed your selections. They became a part of the stories you shared. Some of the participants in this program asked if you were going to visit the library every week. You were superb!!"

Sandy Coleman
Children's Librarian
San Marcos Public Library

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