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What am I doing? I HAVE a blog...

Don't expect frequent posts, I'm busy chasing my child- but perhaps I'll lay out a few confused thoughts here every now and again.

Would anyone believe that only two years ago I was considering what I might need to do to be a leading member of NSN in my future? Probably not since i haven't been a member for about a year. Want to know why? Well, quite simply, I started at the wrong end of things. I never got the chance to develop my stories (my STORY!) before I dove into the work of an organization that I'm just now starting to understand.

Any my storytelling- it was growing and vibrant at one point. Now I'm pretty sure it's very close to being dead altogether. I still remember when I stopped writing during college and what caused it. Now I'm surveying the death of my stories and trying to reconstruct the events that killed them.

Maybe they can be revived... maybe they can't. All I know is that when my baby has had it (usually after 10 hours in the car) the only thing that calms him down is a story. Someone must want me to tell.


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Comment by Roger Armstrong on May 6, 2008 at 8:23pm
Oklahoma has a wonderful storytelling community! I am certain you will find a creative niche to fill!
Just have the day-at-a-time patience to let it happen!

Roger Armstrong
SC Regional Director
NSN Board
Comment by Millie Jackson on May 6, 2008 at 11:32am
Chara - you have wonderful stories to tell. I still remember many of your stories from our ETSU days. You will find a place to tell. Millie



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