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So we've been packing up our entire house to move ourselves to Oklahoma City where my husband has taken a job teaching and I've decided to stay home with my little Monkey. We realized a few weeks ago that even when the house sells we could find ourselves pretty strapped for cash and Josh has suggested I work at a mother's day out at our church. I suggested that I tell stories instead and Josh decided that would be great.

No pressure or anything.

So I'm packing my desk and going through some boxes of junk (where do these boxes come from???) and I found my Storyteller's Compass Cards that David Novak gave us when we had Advanced Storytelling at ETSU. Sidebar: David Novak is a genius. He completely changed the way I think about storytelling over a summer course and I could listen to him tell stories for hours and never get tired or bored. I started looking at the different stories and poems and things that I had listed on those cards and I realized how completely I had forgotten all the things I was passionate about.

My poor husband is packing alone while I dig through boxes and look at stories!


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Comment by Betty R Smith on May 8, 2008 at 3:36pm

I'm having the same trouble. I'm packing and I keep finding things that make me stop and ponder. when we returned from MA, I needed to get a job and didn't take time to unpack some things. Now that we are moving again (7/10 of a mile) I'm opening those boxes and finding treasures. I keep telling myself the move is weeks away so I have the luxury of time.




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