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An out-of-town prospect contacted me , asking if I could reserve some time on a Friday afternoon to show her some properties. A few days before her trip here, we set a time & I asked if she would meet at the office. She was car-less (her husband would be using it), so she emailed if I could please pick up her and her daughter at the hotel--- and that she'd buy the gas. I wrote back that I'd be happy to pick her up, and would be at the hotel at 2:00 with a full tank of gas.
We had a fun and successful afternoon, and later, clearing out my car, I found she had stashed a gift card from Chevron into my papers and junk on the side of my console. I was simply stunned. What an incredibly thoughtful & generous gesture, entirely unnecessary... one of those moments that arrived as a gift, a seeming token of kindness from above that re-energized my drive and spirit at the end of another long day. It softened my world that had exceeded its quota of harshness and challenges that week, like arriving at a field of wildflowers and waterfalls after trekking around construction sites for days on end.

Her lovely daughter, a fifth-grader, carried two, well-dressed & obviously well cared for "stuffed" companions in her arms the whole time, except when we stopped for an ice cream. One of her little friends was an adorable dog. I loved it--- one of those Ididitrod-racing huskys.

On Saturday morning, my first appointment of a final walkthrough on a house went very well. My second appointment phoned to let me know that she was running late. I suddenly had about an hour all to myself, which felt heavenly. I went and got one of those dessert coffees which I normally save for a special occasion--- which, I decided, this was. A white-chocolate mocha. The pet store was nearby. I did need some cat food and birdseed, so headed over there. I remembered that the Humane Society often brings some of their "friends" to this shop on Saturdays, and puts them up for adoption. Since I lost my own companion last Thanksgiving, I haven't even wanted to look at another one, carrying around the hope, but also the sadness & emptiness in a well-concealed manner these past months. Now I secretly felt a rush of excitement that I had this unexpected hour and, perhaps, would at least look at the dogs. My heart sort of sank as I entered the warehouse of pets & supplies, and no Humane Society group was there. After filling my cart with animal feed and way too many cat toys (they just seem to vanish into thin air at home!), I waited to checkout, and noticed the group from the Humane Society arriving. I checked my watch. I didn't have much time left now to get to my next appointment. I secretly yelled FASTER in the checkout line that seemed to be overrun with motionless people. I checked out & raced to throw everything in my car, then zipped back into the store to finally have a look at the dogs. And there she was, this little one that I felt instantly connected with. I held this calm (compared to all the other frenzied yappers) little creature that suddenly reminded me of a baby kangaroo. Little kaROO (I thought). I quickly completed 4 pages of an application. They'd phone me in a day or two. My mind was racing and also confirming that I can't be more than 10 minutes late for my appointment--- yes, I gave myself 10 minutes and didn't even care. I must be going crazy. I was, for this puppy...

It only occurred to me after I brought her home last night, that Little kaROO looks very much like the unusual Iditatrod dog-doll that the little girl carried with her on Friday. I felt such a tangible presence of kindness and Love, that must be choreographed from above. Can you imagine, every day, the angel messages coming your way?

THE LEE COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY takes in over 7000 animals a year! For information on low cost spay/neuter programs in Alabama, call toll free 1-866-977-2925.

For info on pet adoptions in Lee County, visit or visit them on 1140 Ware Drive in Auburn, AL (334.821.3222)

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