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Free TeleCourse: "So You Want to be a Professional Storyteller" 7/17

Free TeleCourse on July 17, Thursday:
"So You Want To Be a Professional Storyteller?"
July 17, 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern

One of the most popular teleconferences we offer. Let’s be blunt: You can turn any corner in any city and you'll bump into someone who wants to be a professional storyteller. Yet, few of these people are ready for the genuine commitment (and very hard work) it takes to be a part-time or full-time storyteller. Are you ready to run a business? Have you done your homework? Do you know why anyone should book you instead of another? Most professional storytellers do not spend most of their time storytelling. Do you know what they really do? Are you ready to work in the fields of education or corporate work?

Come learn more from a full-time professional who will skip the candy-coating speech and lay it all out there for you. Sean will share eleven MUST KNOW tips to artistic and business success. There’s plenty of room for artists who "get it." Are you one of them? We’ve seen hundreds of storytellers come and go. Let us help you crystallize your calling to the work of being a working artists. This is a low on theory but highly practical teleconference. Click Here to find out the time in your time zone.

To register for the July 17 telecourse, please visit or send an email to

Thank you!

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