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Collecting Stories from People: How do you gather the right group.

I want to hear, then tell some good ghost stories. I have been reading ghost story compilations and looking through old news papers, you know all the “Research” stuff. And believe me, there is gold in them pages. I have also been looking through the Urban Legends too and have found some good stuff. But I want what’s being told now, at campfires, slumber parties, office retreats, you know the stories that scare people now.

So to that end, I want to go out and talk to the people and collect their stories. But I live in Montpelier Idaho, a town of 2000 and two hours from the nearest “big” town. I can’t take weeks to go door to door to interview one on one. I don't have time to travil that long. I need to gather the people into one group and talk to them there.

But how to do that. I don’t want a group of “nutters” trying to convince me that Elvis is haunting their commode, or that my grandma is in the room pulling faces at me. I want to gather a group of people who know and love (or fear) the local ghost stories I crave.

Do you have any suggestion? (Or do you know of such a group that already exists?)

Thanks for you help.
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller

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