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What do you think? Can a story translate to film?
I’m trying to see by using the scientific method to find out, but I would like the opinion of storytellers. On I have three live recordings of myself telling stories. Rachel Hedman told me she likes the story better when she hears it live but can a story still come through on a recording? I have heard Bill Harley perform live and on CD. I liked the performance better when I was there, but I can’t say if the story was better.

I have also taken a common urban legend and turned it into a shot film. You can see it at the Chiller network’s contest site The title is “The Puzzle.” (I’m no Hitchcock) but did the story come out? I heard a lot of people talk about the “storytelling” of film at the Oscars last time and I’m not seeing what they are. Can a story be told in film?

Let me know what you think.
Daniel Bishop

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Comment by Glenda Bonin on September 8, 2008 at 8:27am
Hi Daniel!
This is an interesting subject, and I am surprised you haven't had a flurry of comments. The discussion about just who can claim the title of storyteller and what is the "real" way to tell a story comes up all the time. Almost anyone who communicates in one way or another may refer to the act of telling a story through film, visual art, dance, music, etc. as storytelling, and I believe in a sense that this is true. To discount these forms as being something other than storytelling seems wrong to me, but it is not the entire answer. Filmmakers who tell a story in a movie seldom work alone, and the audience experiences their story in an entirely different way than if it is shared in a room person-to-person by a teller of stories. In my mind, using film, dance, visual art, etc. to share a story is simply another method of communicating.

It seems to me that calling everyone who communicates through other mediums as being storytellers, creates an identity problem for those of us who have joined Professional Storyteller.

Maybe we need to (as they say in the advertising world) effectively "brand" ourselves as a group to better define what we do as opposed to others.

Let's keep this discussion alive - maybe we'll come up with some good answers.



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