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Tomorrow night, Saturday, February 9 from 9-10 p.m. I am scheduled to perform a new show I created for Valentine's Day, entitled, Love Feast: A Smorgasbord of Love Stories, Myths and Legends From Around the World. I am excited but also very nervous as the weather is not being helpful. I sure hope I get a lot of audience members, but it's so frustrating trying to get people to appreciate storytelling as an art form. For one hour, all they have is my voice and body to keep their attention. I am charging a nominal fee of $5 which I thinks is way too cheap, but this is my first go at self-promoting an event, getting a cafe setting which has a great reputation for open mic nights. I wrote to two independent newspapers which have calendars, (as of this writing I don't know if they bothered to publish anything. I also plastered several local businesses with a colorful flyer, and have emailed a lot of friends to come. I don't know what else to do to promote on my own. The owner of AJ's Cafe in Ferndale, Michigan is excited about the show, but I don't know if he's been promoting the event to the public. I know I can't count on many of my friends, (they don't like storytelling), but some will show up. I hope that the one of the press guys will come to the show. I offered him a free place to sit and watch. Perhaps he will interview me for an upcoming program. I want to do more shows, but I am really nervous about further establishing my reputation to the public.

On a different note, I just receivwed notification that my one-man show, Queer!!! has been selected as part of a Fringe Festival in April. I am excited about broadening my one-man show material to the public, yet I am also concerned with pigeon-holing myself into one area of performance. I hope that my more adult-oriented work will be just as much appreciated as my work with children and parents utilizing traditional folk and fairy tales and myths and legends from around the world. More stuff later. Thanks for reading.

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Comment by Rob McCabe on February 8, 2008 at 11:05pm
Thanks to everyone who wrote to me. I will let al of you know how it went.
Comment by Carolyn Stearns on February 8, 2008 at 10:32pm
Have a great night whomever turns out will be delighted ! If they get a very personal show think how lucky they are and they will be sure to tell someone about it. I have experienced this as well and just go on because I know I am doing the right thing it just takes awhile to convince everybody else! Just enjoy your show, wish I could come! Carol
Comment by Tom Taylor on February 8, 2008 at 10:14pm

You're a courageous one, and I'm not kidding. "Been there, done that" - w/ 10 yr tour/one-man show - not easy, but CAN be incredibly rewarding. Do NOT depend upon the audience's response to ace the evening.

In my time with it, I had nights when the ushers outnumbered the audience . . . but I also had nights at the White House, Ford's Theater and Off-Broadway. So, be persistent, always give it your best shot, and know you have my best wishes for a rewarding Opening Saturday night!

"Break a Leg!" -

Tom Taylor



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