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Who Am I? How Do I Descibe Myself and My Art?

I just read an interesting blog by Kamal Sinclair called Professional Identity: Who Are You? and What Do You Do? (see below) It made me think about that question. I know who I am in my family, my marriage, my religion, my community and my neighborhood. I even know that I am a storyteller. But can I truthfully say that I can put who I am into the ten second elevator speech or even the 25 word buzz phrase.

As a storyteller I can tell stories that roll trippingly off the tongue with great satisfaction. But I always seem to muddle my way through telling someone just exactly what a storyteller does in a way that doesn't make me sound like an idiot. Do you ever have that problem? I have used the techniques of evaluation of product many times when I am creating or producing new books, it is all part of telling your public what you have to offer in concise terms. Being able to write the following five statements can help define who you are and help you develop a future plan. I guess you could say that answering these five statements is your marketing/business plan for you.

* A description of your creative offering (What do you do or make?)
* A vision statement (Where do you see yourself in the future?)
* A mission statement (What is the purpose of your work?)
* A values statement (What do you stand for?)
* A value proposition (What benefit do you give to others?)

Of course the hardest part of answering these statements is trying to limit yourself to five sentences. I think we can all write volumes about each of these items. It is hard to put my heartfelt thoughts into crisp concise words sometimes. But each of us needs to take sometime and do the hard thing in an honest and forthright way to establish a type of finality about who we are and what we do. I am going to take my own challenge. Are you up to the challenge?

MyLinda Butterworth

Kamal Sinclair's Blog:

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Comment by sowmya srinivasan on October 24, 2008 at 12:25am
wonderful article,
clarity of thought will go a long way in helping my career.
have to do some serious introspection!



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