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The yolk is golden on my plate, like silk floss

Japanese potatoes and eggs

make me feel strong and lithe like

a Gerber baby

My bed, where I spend lots of time these days,

has become my dining table and my desk

Colored pens and paints, papers and writings

draped over the edges,

some like fallen stars lying on the floor

Looking out my big window I see a pregnant

Payne’s grey sky birthing

The storm has broken

All is drenched and dripping

Nothing is spared, everything is soaked

My window shakes from the

sudden shifts of wind

Oh, poor Mother Earth, She has been thirsty

and fallow for so long now

We have ignored Her as if she did not exist

Drifting through our mind in constant prayer

we hear Her cries for Compassion

and then we go about our busy-ness

The gods have come to our aid once again

and we are reminded of the beauty of this

Sacred Heart,

our Mother,


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Comment by Olivia Wells on January 27, 2010 at 1:01pm
Lovely - I saw every part. Thank you.



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