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A Groovy Quote:- or stuck in a rut with a dragon!!!!!

A Groovy Quote:- or stuck in a rut with a dragon!!!!!

Could this possible be the description of an old vinyl record, as In the Groove.

Of course it could also be the grooves made by the wheels of a cart, or even a scooter, anything really that when travelling through mud forms a groove. When Valcour was at the meeting in the Great Chamber after Baizals death. He left deep grooves with his talons on the table, just before he killed Yodroth.
(The Dragon Lords, Book One, the Gathering, Chapter Two.)

My friends used to call me a Groovy Chick many years before Charlotte Church was even born.
I think a fair description of me now would be A Groovy Ancient Rocker. AGAR for short.

There was "A Groovy Kind of Love, by Wayne Fontana and the Mind-benders."
Can't remember this being a position in The Perfume Garden, and being as it's mind bending, think I am probably past it anyway.

Then there is the Microsoft Office Groove a desktop application designed for collaboration in teams with members who are regular. Is this a groove designed especially for the Office workers who have trouble with their waterworks.

Now http://Spoken is more than just rock n' roll, funky white boy dancing, guitar wizardry & incredible words; it's a world where creativity is deep enough to be read, but playful and innocent enough to be fed to children.
It is also a brilliant website by the way.

groove Labyrinth Nokia I think there is also a new Nokia cellphone called Groove Labyrinth doing the rounds.
Don't ask me, Mobile phones and myself, operate on different wavelengths I'm afraid.

However this is the end for I really do feel like I'm stuck in the Groove at the moment and it's eleven pm and if I don't put something on one of my other websites I shall have 3 million kids thinking I've deserted them.
So this is Seligor saying , It's bye, bye from Seligor and bye bye from Me

"Nos Da, welti yn y bora. XXX" (One must remember she is Welsh you know! xxx)

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