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A new interlude....The big nose...

Once, upon, well maybe twice upon a long time ago, maybe as long ago as the hair on my head - there was a little boy.

Now this little boy he had a question in his mind which he asked his daddy, day after day after day, and he never got an answer that satisfied him.

"Daddy? Why have you got such a BIG NOSE?"

His father looked at him with a smile on his face and always said the same thing ..."Because that's the way I was born"

Somehow that answer just didn't feel right, the little boy often lay at night, just before going to sleep, trying to work out what had caused his father to have such a big nose. His grandfather and grandmother didn't have big noses, neither did his mother. His dreams were peppered with big and little noses all floating by waving and smiling at him, and each time he reached out to try and catch one, it slipped through his fingers...

The little boy fell asleep one night, it was raining outside and there was thunder rolling around the rooftops.

In the middle of the night the little boy awoke when a flash of lightning broke his sleep. He got out of his bed and went downstairs to find a glass of milk, so that he could calm himself down and sleep more deeply. His parents were fast asleep in bed, and the house seemed to be very dark and quiet, the thunder rolling round and round and lightning flashing like a broken lightswitch.

The child began his weary journey back up the stairs and as he reached the top he saw a tiny light shining out of a hole in the skirting board, just outside his room.

He crouched down on his hands and knees and peeped inside. There, sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a tiny pipe was the smallest giant he had ever seen.

"Hello - who are you?"

"M'name's grigor, I'm your local friendly house giant. I keep an eye on your family, during the night, keep you safe from the lightning and make sure that thunder god doesn't deafen y'all"

"I never knew we had a house giant - and anyway you aren't a giant - you're much too small to be a giant"

"Giantness is in the spirit of the experiencer, and to me, why I'm giant sized - gotta heart big nuff for a giant and that's good 'nuff for me"...

"Mr Grigor, I want to ask you a quest'n - do you know everythin' there is to know about everythin?"

"Well, I guess I know pretty much everythin' so if you gotta question, just ask away.."

" My daddy, he says hes gottabignose because he was born that way, and I don't think its true, is it?"

"Now that IS a big question my lad, its something that you're going to have to find out for yourself - what do you think?"

"That's the trouble, I just don't know, there must be a reason why my dad has a big nose, but I can't think why?..."

"You just goin to hafta wait and grow and time will pass by and one day you will find out the special the meantime young man, its time you went back to bed - you got schoolin' tomorrow so you better git..."

The little boy reluctantly crept back to his bed, and feel asleep dreaming fantastical dreams of tiny giants with big noses..

That little boy never saw the tiny giant again, and the years went by and he grew and grew, his question slipped into the back of his mind, life presented him with greater challenges than the question of his father's nose, until one day, when he was fully grown - facing a time of sadness when his father was very ill. He sat next to his father's bed in the hospital, talking quietly to dad.

His father spoke...

"Do you remember son, when you asked me so many times, why I had such a big nose?"

"You know, I worried about that for a long time dad, somehow being born with a big nose, just because...didn't make sense to me - I had to find a reason for it..and I never did"..

"I can tell you if you like - its one of the truths that I have understood in these last few weeks"...

"So tell me Dad.."

"We spend so much time in this life, rushing from one thing to another, from one time to another, living in tomorrow all the time, and never give ourselves time to be in the moment.

These last few weeks, short though they may have been, I've learned the importance of slowing down, of making space for right now, learned to stop and smell the flowers..the earth...the breeze...the smell of a new clean bed...of fresh coffee...of a dusty drawer...the smell of a new baby..

My eyes and ears aren't so good any more, but this good old nose of mine has stood me in great stead, and I've learned so much...does this make sense to you?"

"Thanks dad, yes it does.."

And so the old man passed on his way to a new life, a new place, and the young\old man settled happily into a life without his dad, and his big nose..


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Comment by David Bullock on March 3, 2009 at 2:18pm
Sure glad I stuck my big nose into your big nosed story. I'm not sure which of my ancestors I got it from but it tends to lead me where ever I go.

Comment by Glenda Bonin on February 27, 2009 at 8:56am
Dear Steph,

What a sweet and lovely tale. Thank you for sharing it.



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