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During the first night of Rosh Hashana there are many traditional foods that we eat. We dip the apple into the honey, eat round Challa, eat a fish head (so we will be the head not the tail), fish (so we will multiply), carrots, beets, gourds, dates, cabbage/leeks, pomegranate, and new fruits.

There have been a couple additions to the list that I’ve recently heard about that I’d like to pass on. With my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, here goes…

Take ½ a leaf of lettuce and put 1 raisin inside 1 piece of celery-eat in one bite. This is a nice way to ask for a pay increase. “Lettuce half a raisin celery”

If you have a son or daughter in the parsha (as I do) make sure to eat as many dates as possible and make sure they are all of the highest quality.

(If you know of any more “new traditional” foods, let me know.)

La Shana Tova

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