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Ah Fook and the Railway track.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Ah Fook. His parents were busy working and had many children and so Ah Fook went to live with his grandmother.

She lived about a hundred yards away from a disused railway track. Many people used the railway as a crossing place. Children loved to hop on the tracks in the evenings after school and invent jumping and racing games.

Ah Fook was also lucky because right in front of his granny's place was a big playground, He was just one year old and beginning to walk and talk. Each morning his grandmother would take him to the playground and watch over him.

One day while Granny was talking with the neighbours, who had also brought young ones to the playground, Ah Fook walked to the old railway and sat down to play. He was pleased because he did not fall down even once. Ah Fook seemed so happy and contented sitting there. Passers-by could hear him making chuckling sounds to himself.

The postman, who knew the family well, came by and said "Ah Fook, what are you doing here all by yourself? Your granny will be worried!" Ah Fook's smiling face looked up; he was pointing with his little finger at something in front of him, but the postman walked away to the playground to let Granny know of Ah Fook's whereabouts.

A student late for school crossed the rail and looked at Ah Fook. He exclaimed "Lucky you, you don't have to go to school", and then he skipped off.

Soon, along came a familiar figure, and Granny too, she stomped over to the railway and was about to scold Ah Fook for being naughty when she saw a man who had stopped nearby to see what the little boy was looking at. Granny knew this man well: his name was Wang and he travelled widely and bought precious jewels and clothes from the East to resell them in the West.

Wang beckoned to Granny to observe the little boy. Ah Fook looked up with beaming eyes and pointed gleefully to show Granny and Wang what he had found. He was looking intently at the polished rail track. Granny was puzzled and wondered what it was that had intrigued the little boy.

Wang explained : “Look carefully, do you not see the little specks shining like jewels on the polished track. Ah Fook is in bliss because he can let go of any previous perceptions about the railtrack. He can feel the lightness and the brilliance of those tiny specks on the iron surface with his whole being. It is as if he has become one with all the stars in the universe”.
Granny smiled as she took the little boy’s hand and asked the wise man, “Would you like to walk back with us to the house and have some food?” Wang nodded his head approvingly.

From "Tai Chi and Chi Kung" by Peter Chin King Choy isbn 1856266389

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