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     This image of a funnel the kind you might have in the kitchen at canning time, or in the garage with a can of lawn mower gas. It is open and wide on one end for receiving, focused and narrow on the other end to push  through the contents.

     I am a funnel for storytelling news and all of us in the business should be. To grow storytelling we need to focus our stream of content and get it in front of peoples eyes! On my twitter account I am sure to retweet a post about storytelling if I see it. I also post fresh content in the Twitter stream every day.  I want to be the go to resource for a story connection for my followers. I want them to associate my name with the news of storytelling. Among the content I post are pictures of me at different venues, and I love showing people storytelling isn't just for kids.

    Facebook is another great place to build awareness of storytelling. The  smart phone makes it so simple to snap a picture at an event and post it directly to the web, so I can feed my Facebook on a daily basis.  I like to show different types of venues, all age audiences, event posters, storytelling in action and expression. 

    Pinterest, If you haven't looked at this's time. Here is a place to collect, funnel and promote storytelling to a the world. For an example of how I funnel storytelling take a look at my "board" for storytelling.   Think of a "board" as being like a bulletin board in a school with everything on the topic pinned up. I have lots of boards. Quite a few about storytelling, like focus groups narrowing the field to  workshops, or to Campus Slammer.

       I am funneling my storytelling. I am also funneling yours, and the  "A World of Storytelling"  radio show. I funnel events like Tellabrations, festivals, swaps and more, even when I am NOT going to it. My goal is to be sure people are reminded that there is a world of stoytelling out there waiting for them to connect. Share, share, share send the word out.

       I can't sign out without funneling a few dates your way, Feb. 15, 2014 Boston Storytelling Festival  March 6,7,8,9, 2014 The Tejas Storytelling Festival

March 28,29,30 Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, April 25-26 CT Storytelling Festival

Get Funneling!



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Comment by Carolyn Stearns on February 16, 2014 at 7:52am

Hi Roger and Lynne, Thanks for your response! Roger I posted the Appleseed Story Radio to my Pinterest board, hard to keep track of what I have and have not posted, glad you mentioned it.  Lynne, go for it, start something, I suggest you align with a group or venue that has a built in audience and convert them to story! If you want to talk about it more  my email is    Thanks again  Carolyn

Comment by Roger Jenkins on February 15, 2014 at 8:34pm

Thanks for sharing your pin board! It's fascinating reading. I didn't see anything about The Appleseed storytelling radio but there's so much to see on on the board, I probalby misesed it. Hope you'll tune in and listen soon!

Roger in Singapore

Comment by Lynne Pope on February 13, 2014 at 10:04am

thank you for being a funnel...with no event in LA. I may have to start one...Mara Hawks is coming out in May

maybe we need to invite a storytelling event here. How do we start? looking at your funnel will help.

we both do pintrest and we both are grandmothers.  South Bay beach cities  south of LAX and we could do something here   Im thinking ... inviting any advice   ? 



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