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This new resource is in the final editing stages and should be out by the end of March if not sooner.  It is by Anthony & Michelle Burcher.  Anthony was just crowned the 2012 Champion Liar of the Southeast.  It has a forward by Donald Davis.  If you teach storytelling in any way, this is an invaluable book.  It will be available on AMAZON, check it out!!

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Comment by Kevin Cordi on June 4, 2012 at 2:08pm

Anthony, Great, we will watch for it. Thanks for sharing the resource.  We need rich tools for learning and storytelling is one of the better ones we offer.  KC

Comment by Anthony Burcher on June 4, 2012 at 2:03pm

Kevin,  many thanks for this info and the good work you are doing.  101 GAMES THAT TEACH STORYTELLING SKILLS should be out this summer.  As a matter of fact, I spent this weekend going over the final edits.  The book looks great and should be going to press soon.  We had hoped to be out sooner but our editors got a little backed up, but now we are moving full speed ahead.  2 copies will head your way before this summer is out.  Thanks again!!

Comment by Kevin Cordi on June 3, 2012 at 12:38pm

Anthony, Let me encourage you to send two copies to be considered for the National Youth Storytelling Pegasus Awards when it is ready.  (see below)  Kevin Cordi, Director 

I am writing to you to announce the return of the National Youth Storytelling Pegasus Awards.    I would invite you to submit resources for these awards. 

What are the National Youth Storytelling Pegasus Awards?

This is a coveted award that was given to storytelling resources (1998-2005) that appealed to youth and those who work with youth using story.  They were hosted on for six years and we are proud to announce their return.   Over 12 million visitors have been to this site since 1996.  We are making even nore changes inform others and announce these awards.

We feel that there are many quality storytelling resources that go unnoticed.  This is one way we can help share the value of storytelling with others.   We are currently seeking further networking and partnerships with literature, literacy, and book companies and sites to help further share the storyteller’s work.  We are exploring the possiblity of establishing a National Youth Storytelling Pegasus sticker for all award winners.  They can place this on their resources as they market their work. 

Youth need to know the value of story. Let us recognize storytellers!

Students, storytellers, and teachers serve as judges of this award.  In addition to the award, we are now adding Pegasus Reviews of the work.  

I noticed you had CDs/books/and/or DVDs on storytelling and in addition to being in charge of the National Youth Storytelling Pegasus Awards; I am currently responsble for following:

  • Y.E.S. Reviews (NSN)  (Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Special Interest Group) with the National Storytelling Network
  • Newsletter for IRA (International Reading Association) and NCTE (National Council Teachers of English)
  • Plus my students in my Applied Storytelling are part of the review committee.


Is there a deadline and a required publication date?

Since we are restarting this program we are accepting any resources from any year.  (We may change that in future years.)  There are many resources that have not received recogniton.  As we restart the program we will explore all resources.

There is no set deadline at the present time since we are shaping this program.  However, I will tell you that resources are already in the review process.  I would  send as soon as you can if you want to be in the first year review and award selections.   We hope to finish reviews by the end of spring and launch soon afterwards.

What is the primary focus of the awards and reviews?

We are seeking resources that serve one of two purposes.

  1.  Appeal to youth, elementary, middle, or high school age resources (book, DVDs, Cds…)
  2. Appeal to teaching youth about story or storytelling.  This can be how to texs, collection of stories on a theme, academic text on teaching youth with story…

Are the National Youth Storytelling Pegasus Awards their own entity?  Will the reviews be shared?

The Pegasus Awards are part of the Voices across America Youth Storytelling Project, housed at

*Note: We are seeking to extend internationally and when we do we will rename to International Youth Pegasus Awards and Voices across the World Storytelling Project.  We will update you as to this change when we feel that there is an international as well national participation.

The reviews will be shared with storytelling newsletters, International Reading Association, Youth, Educators, and Storytelling Sig of NSN, and the National Council Teachers of English.  (We have already connected with these organizations about reviews.)

 Can the resource that does not win an award distinction also be reviewed?

 At any time the resources can be reviewed.  This is if they are or are not chosen to receive an award distinction.  The goal is to share with others the value of storytelling and storytellers. 

 We are working on a comprehensive list to send reviews and awards.  (more soon)  In the meantime, I would like to consider your work (CD) to send to reviews.  I want to help spread the word of storytelling.  If you are interested let me encourage you to send two copies (we may have to send it out.) to:

 Kevin Cordi

Storytelling Reviews (Pegasus )

643 Nashoba Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43223

  “Together we make a difference with story.”



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