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How wonderful it is to work with great stories.

On the 10.10.10 at 10 a beautiful new venue opened its doors to a very special place. The new Cultural house and Library in Helsinore lies just across from the castle of Kronborg - the home of Hamlet´s story. The building used to be an old shipyard, where the ships were buildt and it is huge and widespread.

In one end of the library, on the first floor, a great big glass facade, faces the sea. This thursday In a room with a view of the evening sunset and Sweden across the waves, two storytellers and actors - myself being one of them - will be telling 3 intertwined stories by Karen Blixen about the sea. Can´t wait!!!

The framestory we have chosen is "The Story of Peter and Rosa", which is set in the vicarage in Sollerod - near Helsinore, where two budding teenagers discover their atraction to each other and their desire for more in life. Peter wants to go to sea as a sailor and Rosa... wants... more of life, than what meets her eye. During an intimate moment we have let Peter share his lust for the sea and all the adventures out there, through "The Story of the Shipsboy" and then as Rosa falls asleep, we let her dream "The story of the Two Blue Eyes".

Both Peter and Rosa are transformed into young adults, by getting to know each other and in sharing their desires.

Madam Blixen, though, chooses to let them both stay pure and untouched in their love for each other, as they end up dying in each others arms - sinking through the ice and dissappearing into the deep blue sea.

Ahhh but how harsh it is to transform written stories into narrative. We have made an interpretation and cut to the bone of what we found was tellable... and it works well. Still many descriptive and contemplative phrases in Blixen style, have had to give way for action - to keep the story in flow.

It has been a great challenge and I am looking forward to inviting young audiences in to hear this show and opening up the world of one side of Karen Blixen to them.

I was just wondering... Would anyone be interested if I in created a Blixen storytelling group, where we can share thoughts on this grand ladies stories? Please let me know and I will get to it right away.

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