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Call for Volunteer Readers May 2016: National Storytelling Network Brimstone Award

The National Storytelling Network's Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling issues a grant each year to an outstanding storytelling service project. In the past, the Brimstone Award has gone to storytelling projects focused on veterans, at-risk youth, people with life-threatening illnesses, and more. Projects have focused on topics as varied as youth mentoring, environmental conservation, collecting oral histories, grief support, and community development. Learn more about this award at:

The Brimstone Award Committee needs help: Could you be a volunteer reader?

Readers help review initial grant applications and make a recommendation to the Brimstone Committee. (two week commitment, approx. 3 to 9 hours of reading and scoring, before June 1, 2016)

--if you are fluent in English
--if you have not submitted an application for this award yourself
--you are interested in learning about storytelling projects for social change and community benefit

Volunteers are asked to sign an ethics statement agreeing to keep application confidential and to disclose any conflict of interest.

Depending on the volume of submissions, we ask volunteers to read up to 12 applications (each about 4 pages long), score them, make comments, and make a recommendation to the award committee as to potential finalists. Applications are accessed online.

For more details, contact me by May 18, 2016, via the following email:

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Comment by Tim E on May 9, 2016 at 3:35pm

Volunteers do not have to be members of the National Storytelling Network, nor do they have to reside in the United States (although most of the applications are for projects in the U.S.)



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