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Christmas is Coiming...The Goose is Getting fat... PLEASE Put A Penny in This Old Man's Hat

Christmas is coming and I don't have any gigs lined up this year. Money is very tight in the States right now. I may be working in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the rest of the holiday season selling magic kits from kiosk. It's money AND something I have recently developed an interest in--magic. While waiting for the holiday season to end, I am working on a Medieval/Renaissance program of stories which I can then market to Renaissance Festivals around the country. After all, I am willing to travel to work. I know that Renaissance Festivals don't pay super well, but it would be steady work. I also recently joined the Detroit Puppeteers Guild and Puppeteers of America to make myself more marketable. I am turning 50 in February and I want to do something major to celebrate the fact that I've come this far in such a short time. There is an internationally-recognized troupe of puppeteers in Vermont, The Bread and Puppet Theater. They do social action through puppetry, performance art, printmaking, stilt walking and you get to assist in as many different aspects of the creation of their circuses and parades for one month. it is a little costly, but from what I've paid out for conferences and one-week workshops in writing and performance, I could make a difference by utilizing revolutionary methodology through art. I have known about this group for years and I decided to apply for an apprenticeship with them. Their work over the years has been very inspirational and thought-provoking for many people--including me. I just hope I can deal with outhouses and a month-long camping in a tent. We'll see. If I do get accepted, what a gift to myself and the world of storytelling/performance art.

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy turkey, my mom's fabuloso dressing and more importantly--a loving and supportive family. A Happy harvest Celebration to all my friends on Professional Storyteller.

Rob McCabe--Storyteller/Writer/Performance Artist/Activist

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