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A long time has passed since my last visit here except for a short tweet. Many things are going on and I would like to invite you to some of them. If you'll visit the Agora you'll find two conversations going on:

Striding towards storytelling mastery recorded with Brother Wolf - you will find the recording on The Art of Storytelling show and a space for discussion on the Agora.

Storytelling Evolution? or what started as What I think about all the blah blah around the evolution of Storyt... that was picked up by Gregg Morris answering the challenge of conversation. It's been going on for two weeks, it's long and I think it's worth your participation.

Last but not least is the video
Gaza Tel-Aviv Olympic Games 2020 created by a friend of mine. Not easy, yet an idea worth spreading so we can see it come true.

Warm regards, Limor.

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Comment by Limor Shiponi on June 21, 2010 at 4:27am
By grace of mail alerts I'm chasing you around :)
Will be happy to see you there later on and thanks again!
Comment by Clare Muireann Murphy on June 21, 2010 at 3:42am
Thanks Limor!

Watched the Olympic Games video and began to read the conversation between you and Gregg. really fascinating stuff, but I haven't had my breakfast yet, so I have saved it to Word and will read through it thoroughly later. Great to see so much dizzying life!!!

I forward the conversation link, and the olympic link around to tellers and friends...amazing stuff
thanks for posting



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